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Dezalay, Sara 2022. Africa's lawyers: from imperial agents to legal brokers in global markets. In: Abel, Richard L, Sommerlad, Hilary, Hammerslev, Ole and Schultz, Ulrike eds. Lawyers in 21st-Century Societies Vol. 2: Comparisons and Theories, Hart Publishing, pp. 51-72.

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Dezalay, Sara 2021. Law firms and international adjudication. In: Fabri, Hélène Ruiz ed. Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Procedural Law, Max Planck Encyclopedias of International Law, Oxford Public International Law,

Ballakrishnen, Swethaa and Dezalay, Sara, eds. 2021. Invisible institutionalisms: collective reflections on the shadows of legal globalisation. Hart Publishing.

Dezalay, Sara and Ballakrishnen, Swethaa 2021. Introduction: Law, globalisation, and the shadows of legal globalisation. In: Dezalay, Sara and Ballarkrishnen, Swethaa eds. Invisible Institutionalisms. Collective Reflections on the Shadows of Legal Globalisation, Hart, pp. 1-24.

Dezalay, Sara and Ballakrishnen, Swethaa 2021. Conclusion: Reading between the lines. In: Dezalay, Sara and Ballakrishnen, Swethaa eds. Invisible Institutionalisms. Collective Reflections on the Shadows of Legal Globalisation, Hart, pp. 267-278.

Dezalay, Sara 2020. Désastre humain et environnemental au prétoire: une perspective socio-politique. In: Watt, Horatia Muir, Biziková, Lucia, de Oliveira, Agatha Brandão, Fernández Arroyo, Diego P. and Ma, Megan eds. Le tournant global en droit international privé, Pedone, pp. 761-770.

Dezalay, Sara 2020. Le barreau « africain » de Paris : entre Big Bang sur le marché du droit des affaires et sillons d’Empire. Cultures & Conflits 119 (12) , pp. 63-93. 10.4000/conflits.22193
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Dezalay, Sara, ed. 2020. Journal of law and society: volume 47, issue S1. Special supplement: Wars on law, wars through law? Law and lawyers in times of crisis. Wiley.

Dezalay, Sara 2020. Introduction: wars on law, wars through law? law and lawyers in times of crisis. Journal of Law and Society 47 (S1) , S1-S13. 10.1111/jols.12252

Dezalay, Sara and Kroll, Stefan 2020. The authority of international justice institutions: a sociological perspective on global normative orders. In: Kettemann, Matthias C. ed. Navigating Normative Orders Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Campus Verlag,

Dezalay, Sara 2020. The 'Africa' Bar of Paris. A microcosm of interconnected histories of legal globalization. In: Greenhouse, Carol J. and Davis, Christina L eds. Landscapes of Law: Practicing Sovereignty in Transnational Terrain, Pennsylvania University Press,

Dezalay, Sara 2020. Distant justice: the impact of the international criminal court on African politics by Phil Clark [Book Review]. Journal of Law and Society 47 (1) , pp. 175-181. 10.1111/jols.12214

Dezalay, Sara 2020. Burundi. Middlemen and opponents in the shadow of the ethno-state. In: Abel, Richard L., Hammerslev, Ole, Sommerlad, Hilary and Schultz, Ulrike eds. Lawyers in 21st-Century Societies. Vol. 1: National reports, London: Hart Publishing, pp. 473-493.

Dezalay, Sara 2020. Africa against global justice: stakes for building a political sociology on the futures of international criminal justice. In: Weill, Sharon, Seelinger, Kim Thuy and Carlson, Kerstin Bree eds. The President on Trial Prosecuting Hissène Habré, Oxford University Press, pp. 219-232.

Dezalay, Sara 2019. From international justice and statebuilding to international justice as statebuilding. In: Lemay-Hebert, Nicolas ed. Handbook on Intervention and Statebuilding, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 176-184.

Dezalay, Sara 2019. Der Internationale Gerichtshof Zwischen symbolischem Wachstum und wirtschaftlicher Krise. In: Kretschmann, Andrea ed. Das Rechtsdenken Pierre Bourdieus, Velbrück, pp. 222-239.

Dezalay, Sara 2019. 5.2 Trafigura Lawsuits (re-Côte d'Ivoire). Building an environmental and human disaster into a transnational case: a socio political perspective. In: Watt, Horatia Muir, Bizikova, Lucia, Oliveira, Agatha Brandao de and Arroyo, Diego Fernandez eds. Global private international law. Adjudication without frontiers, Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 93-102.

Dezalay, Sara 2019. Lawyers and the 'new extraction' in Africa. International Journal of Social Economics 46 (11) , pp. 1305-1318. 10.1108/IJSE-03-2019-0170

Dezalay, Sara 2018. Claire A. Cutler et Thomas Dietz (dir.), The Politics of Private Transnational Governance by Contract [Book Review]. Revue Critique de Droit International Privé 11 (3) , pp. 728-733.

Dezalay, Sara 2018. Lawyers in Africa: brokers of the state, intermediaries of globalization: a case study of the 'Africa' bar in Paris. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 25 (2) , pp. 639-669. 10.2979/indjglolegstu.25.2.0639

Dezalay, Sara, Levi, Ron and Hagan, John 2018. International criminal tribunals: prosecutorial strategies in atypical political environments. In: Alter, Karen, Helfer, Laurence R. and Madsen, Mikael Rask eds. International Court Authority, Oxford University Press, pp. 342-362.

Levi, Ron, Dezalay, Sara and Amiraslani, Michael 2017. Prosecutorial strategies and opening statements: justifying international prosecutions from the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg through to the International Criminal Court. In: Christensen, Mikkel Jarle and Levi, Ron eds. International Practices of Criminal Justice: Social and Legal Perspectives, Abingdon and New York: Routledge, pp. 89-107.

Dezalay, Sara 2017. L’Afrique contre la Cour pénale internationale? Éléments de sociogenèse sur les possibles de la justice internationale. Politique Africaine 2 (146) , pp. 165-182. 10.3917/polaf.146.0165

Levi, Ron, Dezalay, Sara and Amiraslani, Michael 2017. Prosecutorial strategies and opening statements: justifying international prosecutions from the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg through to the International Criminal Court. Comparativ: Journal for Global History and Comparative Social Science 26 (4) , pp. 58-73.

Dezalay, Sara 2017. Building a political sociology of legal professions in Africa: stakes for an open research agenda. Social Science Research Network 10.2139/ssrn.3012719

Dezalay, Sara 2017. African extractive economies and connected histories of globalization: a case study of the 'Africa' bar in Paris. SSRN 10.2139/ssrn.3004973

Dezalay, Sara and Dezalay, Yves 2017. Professionals of international justice: from the shadow of state diplomacy to the pull of the market for commercial arbitration. In: D'Aspremont, Jean, Gazzini, Tarcisio, Nollkaemper, Andre and Werner, Wouter eds. International Law as a Profession, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 311-337.

Dezalay, Sara 2017. Weakness as routine in the operations of the Intentional Criminal Court. International Criminal Law Review 17 (2) , pp. 281-301. 10.1163/15718123-01702004

Dezalay, Sara 2017. Chapitre 1 : La Commission Européenne et les crises eléments de sociogenèse d'un Marché Européen de la Pacification. In: Bazin, Anne and Tenenbaum, Charles eds. L'Union européenne et la paix, Presses de Sciences Po, (10.3917/scpo.bazin.2017.01.0017)

Dezalay, Sara 2017. The role of international NGOs in the emergence of the field of transitional justice: a case-study of the International Center for Transitional Justice. In: Lawther, C., Moffett, L. and Jacobs, D. eds. Research Handbook on Transitional Justice, Edward Elgar Publishing,

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Dezalay, Sara 2017. Isaac Forster. Galerie des internationalistes

Dezalay, Sara 2017. Louis Ignacio-Pinto. Galerie des internationalistes

Dezalay, Sara 2017. Fatoumata Dembélé Diarra trajectory of a Malian magistrate and civil society advocate to the international criminal court. In: Dawuni, Josephine and Kuenyehia, Akua eds. African Women Judges in International Courts. Unveiled narratives, Routledge, pp. 77-97.

Dezalay, Sara 2016. The social and professional structure of international justice: from scholarly insiders to the pull of multinational corporate law firms. Social Science Research Network 10.2139/ssrn.2848962

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Dezalay, Sara 2015. David Bosco, Rough Justice: the International Criminal Court in a world of power politics (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014 [Book Review]. International Journal: Canada's Journal of Global Policy Analysis

Bergamaschi, Isaline, Dezalay, Sara, Kühn, Florian P. and Lemay-Hébert, Nicolas 2014. Introduction: Rwanda 20 years after the genocide: reflecting on intervention and reconciliation. Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding 8 (4) , pp. 273-279. 10.1080/17502977.2014.964453

Dezalay, Sara 2014. Thomas Medvetz, Think tanks in America (Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 2012) [Book Review]. Critique Internationale 2014/1 (62) , pp. 141-145. 10.3917/crii.062.0141

Dezalay, Sara 2012. Commentaire de la résolution 1464, du 4 février 2003, portant sur la situation en Côte d'Ivoire. In: Decaux, E., Lemay-Hbert, N. and Placidi-Frot, D. eds. Les grandes résolutions du Conseil de sécurité, Dalloz, pp. 330-339.

Dezalay, Sara 2012. Lawyering war or talking peace? On militant usages of the law in the resolution of internal armed conflicts: a case study of International Alert. In: Dezalay, Yves and Garth, Bryant G. eds. Lawyers and the Construction of Transnational Justice, Law, development and globalization, Routledge, pp. 60-83.

Dezalay, Sara 2011. Revamping law by circumventing the state: Non-governmental organizations in the international management of social violence on the African continent. PhD Thesis, European University Institute.

Dezalay, Sara 2008. Des droits de l?homme au marché du développement. Note de recherche sur le champ faible de la gestion de conflits armés. Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales 174 (4) , pp. 70-79. 10.3917/arss.174.0068

Dezalay, Sara 2008. Trend Report. Crimes de guerre et politiques impériales. L'espace académique américain entre droit et politique. Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales 173 (3) , pp. 44-61. 10.3917/arss.173.0044

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Dezalay, Sara 2007. D'une mise en récit militante de la crise ivoirienne: 'gérer' un conflit armé comme une 'cause' juridique. Étude du cas d'Amnesty International. Critique Internationale 36 (3) , pp. 55-70.

Dezalay, Sara and Bergamaschi, I. 2005. Dilemmes et ambiguïtés de la sortie de crise par la voie multilatérale en Afrique: le cas de l'Organisation des Nations unies en Côte d'Ivoire. Les Champs de Mars 17 , pp. 53-73.

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