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Tuestad, Talin, Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID:, Linge, Henriette, Deline, Philip, Ravanel, Ludovic, Bakke, Jostein, Arnaud, Fabien, Hein, Andrew S., Gheorghiu, Delia M. and Shanks, Richard 2024. Late Glacial-Holocene cirque glacier chronology on sub-Antarctic Kerguelen Archipelago (49°S) based on cosmogenic 36Cl exposure dating. Quaternary Science Reviews 336 , 108754. 10.1016/j.quascirev.2024.108754

Whitby, Matthew, Mao, Feng, Stawarz, Katarzyna ORCID:, Marrero, Shasta ORCID: and Walton, Jo Lindsay 2024. Serious Games Cookbook: A beginner's guide to using and designing serious games. Coventry: University of Warwick Press. 10.31273/978-1-911675-13-6

Leontaritis, Aris D., Pavlopoulos, Kosmas, Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID:, Ribolini, Adriano, Hughes, Philip D. and Spagnolo, Matteo 2022. Glaciations on ophiolite terrain in the North Pindus Mountains, Greece: New geomorphological insights and preliminary 36Cl exposure dating. Geomorphology 413 , 108335. 10.1016/j.geomorph.2022.108335

Woodward, John, Hein, Andrew S., Winter, Kate, Westoby, Matthew J., Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID:, Dunning, Stuart A., Lim, Michael, Rivera, Andrés and Sugden, David E. 2022. Blue-ice moraines formation in the Heritage Range, West Antarctica: Implications for ice sheet history and climate reconstruction. Quaternary Science Advances 6 , 100051. 10.1016/j.qsa.2022.100051

Anjar, Johanna, Akҫar, Naki, Larsen, Eiliv A., Lyså, Astrid, Marrero, Shasta ORCID:, Mozafari, Nasim and Vockenhuber, Christof 2021. Cosmogenic exposure dating (36Cl) of landforms on Jan Mayen, North Atlantic, and the effects of bedrock formation age assumptions on 36Cl ages. Geosciences 11 (9) , 390. 10.3390/geosciences11090390

Glendell, Miriam, Palarea-Albaladejo, Javier, Pohle, Ina, Marrero, Shasta ORCID:, McCreadie, Brian, Cameron, Graeme and Stutter, Marc 2019. Modeling the ecological impact of phosphorus in catchments with multiple environmental stressors. Journal of Environmental Quality 48 (5) , pp. 1336-1346. 10.2134/jeq2019.05.0195

Mechernich, Silke, Dunai, Tibor J., Binnie, Steven A., Goral, Tomasz, Heinze, Stefan, Dewald, Alfred, Schimmelpfennig, Irene, Keddadouche, Karim, Aumaître, Georges, Bourlès, Didier, Marrero, Shasta ORCID:, Wilcken, Klaus, Simon, Krista, Fink, David, Phillips, Fred M., Caffee, Marc W., Gregory, Laura C., Phillips, Richard, Freeman, Stewart P.H.T., Shanks, Richard, Akif Sarikaya, M., Pavetich, Stefan, Rugel, Georg, Merchel, Silke, Akçar, Naki, Yesilyurt, Serdar, Ivy-Ochs, Susan and Vockenhuber, Christof 2019. Carbonate and silicate intercomparison materials for cosmogenic 36Cl measurements. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 455 , pp. 250-259. 10.1016/j.nimb.2019.01.024

Winter, Kate, Woodward, John, Ross, Neil, Dunning, Stuart A., Hein, Andrew S., Westoby, Matthew J., Culberg, Riley, Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID:, Schroeder, Dustin M., Sugden, David E. and Siegert, Martin J. 2019. Radar‐Detected Englacial Debris in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Geophysical Research Letters 46 (17-18) , 10454--10462. 10.1029/2019GL084012

Sugden, David E., Hein, Andrew S., Woodward, John, Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID:, Rodés, Ángel, Dunning, Stuart A., Stuart, Finlay M., Freeman, Stewart P.H.T., Winter, Kate and Westoby, Matthew J. 2018. Corrigendum to “The million-year evolution of the glacial trimline in the southernmost Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica” [Earth and Planetary Science Letters 469 (2017) 42–52]. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 502 , pp. 291-292. 10.1016/j.epsl.2018.08.053

Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID:, Hein, Andrew S., Naylor, Mark, Attal, Mikael, Shanks, Richard, Winter, Kate, Woodward, John, Dunning, Stuart, Westoby, Matthew and Sugden, David 2018. Controls on subaerial erosion rates in Antarctica. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 501 , 56--66. 10.1016/j.epsl.2018.08.018

Shi, Xuhua, Furlong, Kevin P., Kirby, Eric, Meng, Kai, Marrero, Shasta ORCID:, Gosse, John, Wang, Erchie and Phillips, Fred 2017. Evaluating the size and extent of paleolakes in central Tibet during the late Pleistocene. Geophysical Research Letters 44 (11) , 5476--5485. 10.1002/2017GL072686

Sugden, David E., Hein, Andrew S., Woodward, John, Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID: and {A 2017. The million-year evolution of the glacial trimline in the southernmost Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 469 , 42--52. 10.1016/j.epsl.2017.04.006

Hein, Andrew S., Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID:, Woodward, John, Dunning, Stuart A., Winter, Kate, Westoby, Matthew J., Freeman, Stewart P. H. T., Shanks, Richard P. and Sugden, David E. 2016. Mid-Holocene pulse of thinning in the Weddell Sea sector of the West Antarctic ice sheet. Nature Communications 7 (1) , 12511. 10.1038/ncomms12511

Borchers, Brian, Marrero, Shasta ORCID:, Balco, Greg, Caffee, Marc, Goehring, Brent, Lifton, Nathaniel, Nishiizumi, Kunihiko, Phillips, Fred, Schaefer, Joerg and Stone, John 2016. Geological calibration of spallation production rates in the CRONUS-Earth project. Quaternary Geochronology 31 , 188--198. 10.1016/j.quageo.2015.01.009

Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID:, Phillips, Fred M., Borchers, Brian, Lifton, Nathaniel, Aumer, Robert and Balco, Greg 2016. Cosmogenic nuclide systematics and the CRONUScalc program. Quaternary Geochronology 31 , pp. 160-187. 10.1016/j.quageo.2015.09.005

Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID:, Phillips, Fred M., Caffee, Marc W. and Gosse, John C. 2016. CRONUS-Earth cosmogenic 36Cl calibration. Quaternary Geochronology 31 , pp. 199-219. 10.1016/j.quageo.2015.10.002

Hein, Andrew S., Woodward, John, Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID:, Dunning, Stuart A., Steig, Eric.J., Freeman, Stewart P.H.T., Stuart, Finlay M., Winter, Kate, Westoby, Matthew J. and Sugden, David E. 2016. Evidence for the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet divide for 1.4 million years. Nature Communications 7 , 10325. 10.1038/ncomms10325

Marius Mudd, S., Harel, M.A., Hurst, M.D., Grieve, S.W.D. and Marrero, S.M. ORCID: 2016. The CAIRN method: Automated, reproducible calculation of catchment-averaged denudation rates from cosmogenic nuclide concentrations. Earth Surface Dynamics 4 (3) , pp. 655-674. 10.5194/esurf-4-655-2016

Phillips, F.M., Argento, D.C., Balco, G., Caffee, M.W., Clem, J., Dunai, T.J., Finkel, R., Goehring, B., Gosse, J.C., Hudson, A.M., Jull, A.J.T., Kelly, M.A., Kurz, M., Lal, D., Lifton, N., Marrero, S.M. ORCID:, Nishiizumi, K., Reedy, R.C., Schaefer, J., Stone, J.O.H., Swanson, T. and Zreda, M.G. 2016. The CRONUS-Earth Project: A synthesis. Quaternary Geochronology 31 , pp. 119-154. 10.1016/j.quageo.2015.09.006

Phillips, F.M., Hinz, M., Marrero, S.M. ORCID: and Nishiizumi, K. 2016. Cosmogenic nuclide data sets from the Sierra Nevada, California, for assessment of nuclide production models: II. Sample sites and evaluation. Quaternary Geochronology 35 , pp. 101-118. 10.1016/j.quageo.2016.01.003

Phillips, F.M., Kelly, M.A., Hudson, A.M., Stone, J.O.H., Schaefer, J., Marrero, S.M. ORCID:, Fifield, L.K., Finkel, R. and Lowell, T. 2016. CRONUS-Earth calibration samples from the Huancané II moraines, Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru. Quaternary Geochronology 31 , pp. 220-236. 10.1016/j.quageo.2015.10.005

Westoby, M.J., Dunning, S.A., Woodward, J., Hein, A.S., Marrero, S.M. ORCID:, Winter, K. and Sugden, D.E. 2016. Interannual surface evolution of an Antarctic blue-ice moraine using multi-temporal DEMs. Earth Surface Dynamics 4 (2) , pp. 515-529. 10.5194/esurf-4-515-2016

Winter, K., Woodward, J., Dunning, S.A., Turney, C.S.M., Fogwill, C.J., Hein, A.S., Golledge, N.R., Bingham, R.G., Marrero, S.M. ORCID:, Sugden, D.E. and Ross, N. 2016. Assessing the continuity of the blue ice climate record at Patriot Hills, Horseshoe Valley, West Antarctica. Geophysical Research Letters 43 (5) , pp. 2019-2026. 10.1002/2015GL066476

Phillips, F.M., Argento, D.C., Bourles, D.L., Caffee, M.W., Dunai, T.J., Goehring, B., Gosse, J.C., Hudson, A.M., Jull, A.J.T., Kelly, M., Lifton, N., Marrero, S.M. ORCID:, Nishiizumi, K., Reedy, R.C. and Stone, J.O.H. 2016. Where now? Reflections on future directions for cosmogenic nuclide research from the CRONUS Projects. Quaternary Geochronology 31 , pp. 155-159. 10.1016/j.quageo.2015.04.010

Lifton, N., Caffee, M., Finkel, R., Marrero, S. ORCID:, Nishiizumi, K., Phillips, F.M., Goehring, B., Gosse, J., Stone, J., Schaefer, J., Theriault, B., Jull, A.J.T. and Fifield, K. 2015. In situ cosmogenic nuclide production rate calibration for the CRONUS-Earth project from lake Bonneville, Utah, shoreline features. Quaternary Geochronology 26 (1) , pp. 56-69. 10.1016/j.quageo.2014.11.002

Parmelee, David E.F., Kyle, Philip R., Kurz, Mark D., Marrero, Shasta M. ORCID: and Phillips, Fred M. 2015. A new Holocene eruptive history of Erebus volcano, Antarctica using cosmogenic 3He and 36Cl exposure ages. Quaternary Geochronology 30 , 114--131. 10.1016/j.quageo.2015.09.001

Westoby, M.J., Dunning, S.A., Woodward, J., Hein, A.S., Marrero, S.M. ORCID:, Winter, K. and Sugden, D.E. 2015. Instruments and methods: Sedimentological characterization of Antarctic moraines using uavs and Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry. Journal of Glaciology 61 (230) , pp. 1088-1102. 10.3189/2015JoG15J086

Oskin, M.E., Burbank, D.W., Phillips, F.M., Marrero, S.M. ORCID:, Bookhagen, B. and Selander, J.A. 2014. Relationship of channel steepness to channel incision rate from a tilted and progressively exposed unconformity surface. JGR Earth Surface 119 (2) , pp. 366-384. 10.1002/2013JF002826

Kirby, E., Anandakrishnan, S., Phillips, F. and Marrero, S. ORCID: 2008. Late Pleistocene slip rate along the Owens Valley fault, eastern California. Geophysical Research Letters 35 (1) , -. 10.1029/2007GL031970

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