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Read, Simon, Morgan, James, Gillespie, David, Nollett, Claire, Weiss, Majorie, Allen, Davina, Anderson, Pippa and Waterman, Heather 2021. Normalisation process theory and the implementation of a new glaucoma clinical pathway in hospital eye services: perspectives of doctors, nurses and optometrists. PLoS ONE 16 (8) , e0255564. 10.1371/journal.pone.0255564

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Thomas-Jones, Emma, Lloyd, Amy, Roland, Damian, Sefton, Gerri, Tume, Lyvonne, Hood, Kerry, Huang, Chao, Edwards, Dawn, Oliver, Alison, Skone, Richard, Lacy, David, Sinha, Ian, Preston, Jenny, Mason, Brendan, Jacob, Nina, Trubey, Robert, Strange, Heather, Moriarty, Yvonne, Grant, Aimee, Allen, Davina and Powell, Colin 2018. A prospective, mixed-methods, before and after study to identify the evidence base for the core components of an effective paediatric early warning system and the development of an implementation package containing those core recommendations for use in the UK: Paediatric early warning system – utilisation and mortality avoidance– the PUMA study protocol. BMC Pediatrics 18 (1) , 244. 10.1186/s12887-018-1210-z

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