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Webber, Jonathan ORCID: 2024. Sartre's critique of patriarchy. French Studies 78 (1) , pp. 72-88. 10.1093/fs/knad237

Webber, Jonathan ORCID: 2023. Transcendental phenomenology meets negritude poetry. Heter, T. Storm and Sealey, Kris F., eds. Creolizing Sartre, Creolizing the Canon, Lanham MA: Rowman and Littlefield, [n/a].
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Webber, Jonathan ORCID: 2023. Sartre and the international impact of existentialism, edited by Alfred Betschart and Juliane Werner (Palgrave, 2020) [Book Review]. Sartre Studies International 29 (1) , pp. 90-107. 10.3167/ssi.2023.290106
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Webber, Jonathan ORCID: 2023. Rethinking Existentialism: From radical freedom to project sedimentation. Saunders, Joe, ed. Freedom After Kant: From German Idealism to Ethics and the Self, London: Bloomsbury, pp. 191-204.

Jefferson, Anneli ORCID:, Palermos, Orestis ORCID:, Paris, Panos ORCID: and Webber, Jonathan ORCID:, eds. 2022. Values and virtues for a challenging world. Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements, Cambridge/London: Cambridge University Press/Royal Institute of Philosophy.

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Webber, Jonathan ORCID: 2020. Evaluative attitudes as the motivational structures of ethical virtues. Darnell, Catherine A. and Kristjánsson, Kristján, eds. Virtues and Virtue Education in Theory and Practice: Are Virtues Local or Universal?, New York: Routledge, pp. 55-68. (10.4324/9780429343131)

Webber, Jonathan ORCID: 2020. Sociality, seriousness, and cynicism: a response to Ronald Santoni on bad faith. Sartre Studies International 26 (1) , pp. 61-76. 10.3167/ssi.2020.260106

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Webber, Jonathan ORCID: 2013. Liar! Analysis 73 (4) , pp. 651-659. 10.1093/analys/ant081

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Webber, Jonathan ORCID: 2011. There Is Something About Inez. Think 10 (27) , pp. 45-56. 10.1017/S1477175610000345

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Webber, Jonathan ORCID: 2002. Doing without representation: coping with Dreyfus. Philosophical Exploration 5 (1) , pp. 82-88. 10.1080/10002002018538723

Webber, Jonathan ORCID: 2002. Motivated aversion: bad faith and non-thetic awareness. Sartre Studies International 8 (1) , pp. 45-57. 10.3167/135715502781809693

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