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Aparicio, Pablo A. and De Leeuw, Nora H. 2020. Electronic structure, ion diffusion and cation doping in the Na4VO(PO4)2 compound as a cathode material for Na-ion batteries. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (12) , pp. 6653-6659. 10.1039/C9CP05559B

Ramogayana, Brian, Santos-Carballal, David, Aparicio, Pablo A., Quesne, Matthew G., Maenetja, Khomotso P., Ngoepe, Phuti E. and de Leeuw, Nora H. 2020. Ethylene carbonate adsorption on the major surfaces of lithium manganese oxide Li1−xMn2O4 1 spinel (0.000 < x < 0.375): a DFT+U-D3 study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (12) , Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2020,22, 6763-6771. 10.1039/C9CP05658K

Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, Dawson, James A., Islam, M. Saiful and de Leeuw, Nora H. 2018. A Computational study of NaVOPO4 polymorphs as cathode materials for Na-Ion batteries: Diffusion, electronic properties and cation doping behavior. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (45) , pp. 25829-25836. 10.1021/acs.jpcc.8b07797

Kremleva, A., Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, Genest, A. and Rosch, N. 2017. Quantum chemical modeling of tri-Mn-substituted W-based Keggin polyoxoanions. Electrochimica Acta 231 , pp. 659-669.

Bagherjeri, Fateme Akhlaghi, Vonci, Michele, Nagul, Edward A., Ritchie, Chris, Gable, Robert W., Taylor, Matthew B., Bryant, Gary, Guo, Si-Xuan, Zhang, Jie, Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, López, Xavier, Poblet, Josep M. and Boskovic, Colette 2016. Mixed-metal hybrid polyoxometalates with amino acid ligands: electronic versatility and solution properties. Inorganic Chemistry 55 (23) , pp. 12329-12347. 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.6b02218

Vonci, Michele, Akhlaghi-Bagherjeri, Fateme, Hall, Peter D., Gable, Robert W., Zavras, Athanasios, O'Hair, Richard A. J., Liu, Yuping, Zhang, Jie, Field, Matthew R., Taylor, Matthew B., Du Plessis, Johan, Bryant, Gary, Riley, Mark, Sorace, Lorenzo, Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, López, Xavier, Poblet, Josep M., Ritchie, Chris and Boskovic, Colette 2014. Modular molecules: site-selective metal substitution, photoreduction, and chirality in polyoxometalate hybrids. Chemistry - a European Journal 20 (43) , pp. 14102-14111. 10.1002/chem.201403222

Doungmene, Floriant, Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, Ntienoue, Joseline, Mezui, Charyle S. Ayingone, de Oliveira, Pedro, López, Xavier and Mbomekallé, Israël M. 2014. Electrochemical behaviour of mixed d metal-iron containing Wells-Dawson sandwich-type complexes: [(FeOH2)2M2(X2W15O56)2]n- and [(MOH2)2Fe2(X2W15O56)2]n- (M = CrIII, MnIII, MnII, CoII, NiII, CuII, ZnII, X = AsV or PV and n = 12 or 14). Electrochimica Acta 125 , pp. 674-682. 10.1016/j.electacta.2014.01.151

Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, López, Xavier and Poblet, Josep M. 2014. Ability of DFT calculations to correctly describe redox potentials and electron (de)localization in polyoxometalates. Journal of Molecular and Engineering Materials 2 (1) , 1440004. 10.1142/S2251237314400048

Parent, Loïc, Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, de Oliveira, Pedro, Teillout, Anne-Lucie, Poblet, Josep M., López, Xavier and Mbomekallé, Israël M. 2014. Effect of electron (de)localization and pairing in the electrochemistry of polyoxometalates: Study of Wells-Dawson molybdotungstophosphate derivatives. Inorganic Chemistry 53 (12) , pp. 5941-5949. 10.1021/ic500087t

Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, Poblet, Josep M. and López, Xavier 2013. Tungsten Redox Waves in [XMW11O40]n– (X = P, Si, Al and M = W, Mo, V, Nb, Ti) Keggin Compounds – Effect of Localised/Delocalised Charges. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2013 (10-11) , pp. 1910-1916. 10.1002/ejic.201201384

McGregor, Donna, Burton-Pye, Benjamin P., Mbomekalle, Israel M., Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, Romo, Susanna, López, Xavier, Poblet, Josep M. and Francesconi, Lynn C. 2012. 99Tc and Re Incorporated into Metal Oxide Polyoxometalates: Oxidation State Stability Elucidated by Electrochemistry and Theory. Inorganic Chemistry 51 (16) , pp. 9017-9028. 10.1021/ic3011713

Vilà, Neus, Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, Sécheresse, Francis, Poblet, Josep M., López, Xavier and Mbomekallé, Israël M. 2012. Electrochemical Behavior of α1/α2-[Fe(H2O)P2W17O61]7– Isomers in Solution: Experimental and DFT Studies. Inorganic Chemistry 51 (11) , pp. 6129-6138. 10.1021/ic300090f

Gamermann, D., Montagud, A., Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, Navarro, E., Triana, J., Villatoro, F. R., Urchueguía, J. F. and Fernández de Córdoba, P. 2012. A Modular Synthetic Device to Calibrate Promoters. Journal of Biological Systems 20 (1) , pp. 37-55. 10.1142/S0218339012500015

El Moll, Hani, Nohra, Brigitte, Mialane, Pierre, Marrot, Jérôme, Dupré, Nathalie, Riflade, Benoît, Malacria, Max, Thorimbert, Serge, Hasenknopf, Bernold, Lacôte, Emmanuel, Aparicio Sanchez, Pablo, López, Xavier, Poblet, Josep M. and Dolbecq, Anne 2011. Lanthanide Polyoxocationic Complexes: Experimental and Theoretical Stability Studies and Lewis Acid Catalysis. Chemistry: A European Journal 17 (50) , pp. 14129-14138. 10.1002/chem.201101754

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