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Siti Norasiah, Abd. Kadir, MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: and Mohamad, Zeeda Fatimah 2024. Unpacking place-based narratives: enhancing campus community participation in watershed conservation. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 10.1108/IJSHE-05-2023-0209

Parken, Alison, MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, Ashworth, Rachel ORCID: and Minto, Rachel ORCID: 2023. An equal and just transition - mainstreaming equality evidence panel - summary report (Update December 2023).

MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, O’Brien, Liz, Grant, Andrea, Ayala, Maria, Finlay-Smits, Susanna, Allen, Will and Greenaway, Alison 2023. Healing fragmentation of forest biosecurity networks: A conceptual and reflexive mapping analysis of postcolonial relations that matter in Aotearoa|New Zealand and Cymru|Wales. Knowledge Cultures 11 (1) , pp. 205-233. 10.22381/kc111202311

Greenaway, Alison, MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, Grant, Andrea, Finlay-Smits, Susanna, Ayala, Maria, Allen, Will, O'Brien, Liz and Martin, Michael 2023. Positioning research to improve tree-biosecurity relations. Knowledge Cultures 11 (1) , pp. 234-259. 10.22381/kc111202312

MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, McEntee, Marie, Macknight, Vicki, Medvecky, Fabien and Martin, Michael 2023. What we do in Kauri forests: Exploring the affective worlds of 'high risk' users of vulnerable forest areas in Aotearoa|New Zealand. Knowledge Cultures 11 (1) , pp. 184-204. 10.22381/kc111202310

Parken, Alison, MacBride-stewart, Sara ORCID:, Ashworth, Rachel ORCID: and Minto, Rachel ORCID: 2023. An equal and just transition to Net Zero: Summary report of the Mainstreaming Equality and Just Transition Evidence Panel. [Project Report]. Cardiff: Cardiff University.

McEntee, Marie, Medvecky, Fabien, MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, Macknight, Vicki and Martin, Michael 2023. Park rangers and science-public expertise: science as care in biosecurity for Kauri trees in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Minerva 61 (1) , pp. 117-140. 10.1007/s11024-022-09482-9

Baker, Susan ORCID:, Bruford, Michael W. ORCID:, MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, Essam, Alice, Nicol, Poppy and Sanderson Bellamy, Angelina ORCID: 2022. COVID-19: Understanding novel pathogens in coupled social–ecological systems. Sustainability 14 (18) , 11649. 10.3390/su141811649

MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2022. Girls' 'safety' in unfamiliar landscapes: the necessity of non-hegemonic femininities. Smith, Thomas Aneurin, Pitt, Hannah and Dunkley, Ria Ann, eds. Unfamiliar Landscapes: Young People and Diverse Outdoor Experiences, Palgrave Macmillan Cham, pp. 309-335. (10.1007/978-3-030-94460-5_13)

MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2022. Environment. Monaghan, Lee and Gabe, Jonathan, eds. Key Concepts in Medical Sociology - Third Edition, Sage,

MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2022. Environment. Monaghan, Lee F. and Gabe, Jonathan, eds. Key Concepts in Medical Sociology. 3rd Edition, SAGE Key Concepts series, London: SAGE Publications, pp. 52-58.

MacBride-Stewart, Sare ORCID: and Parken, Alison 2021. Inequality in a Future Wales: Areas for action in work, climate, and demographic change. [Project Report]. Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. Available at:

MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2021. Towards a critical social science of climate change and health. Chamberlain, Kerry and Lyons, Antonia, eds. Routledge International Handbook of Critical Issues in Health and Illness, Routledge, pp. 328-345.

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Thornhill, Ian, Cornelissen, J. Hans C., McPherson, Jana M., MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, Mohamad, Zeeda, White, Hannah J. and Wiersma, Yolanda F. 2021. Towards ecological science for all by all. Journal of Applied Ecology 58 (2) , pp. 206-213. 10.1111/1365-2664.13841

Shaw, Caroline, Russell, Marie, Keall, Michael, MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, Wild, Kirsty, Reeves, Dory, Bentley, Rebecca and Woodward, Alistair 2020. Beyond the bicycle: seeing the context of the gender gap in cycling. Journal of Transport and Health 18 , 100871. 10.1016/j.jth.2020.100871

MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2020. Studying place. Atkinson, Paul, Delamont, Sara, Cernat, Alexandru, Sakshaug, Joseph W. and Williams, Richard A., eds. SAGE Research Methods, Mobilities, Space and Place, SAGE, (10.4135/9781526421036827514)

Macbride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2019. Discourses of wellbeing and environmental impact of trail runners in protected areas in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Geoforum 107 , pp. 134-142. 10.1016/j.geoforum.2019.09.015

MacBride-stewart, Sara ORCID:, Butler, Catherine and Fox, Nick J 2019. Editorial: special issue on society, environment and health. Health 23 (2) , pp. 117-121. 10.1177/1363459318816138

MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2019. Atmospheres, landscapes and nature:off-road runners' experiences of wellbeing. Health 23 (2) , pp. 139-157. 10.1177/1363459318785675

Read, Simon and MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2018. The 'good death' and reduced capacity: A literature review. Mortality 23 (4) , pp. 381-395. 10.1080/13576275.2017.1339676

Simon-Kumar, Rachel, MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, Baker, Susan ORCID: and Patnaik Saxena, L. 2018. Towards north-south interconnectedness: a critique of gender dualities in sustainable development, the environment and women's health. Gender, Work and Organization 25 (3) , pp. 246-263. 10.1111/gwao.12193

MacBride-stewart, Sara ORCID: and Simon-Kumar, Rachel 2017. The Janus face of infertility in the global north and the south: reviewing feminist contributions to the debate. Davis, Gayle and Loughran, Tracey, eds. , The Palgrave Handbook of Infertility in History: Approaches, Contexts and Perspectives, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 461-490.

MacBride-stewart, Sara ORCID:, Gong, Yi ORCID: and Antell, Jessica 2016. Exploring the interconnections between gender, health and nature. Public Health 141 , pp. 279-286. 10.1016/j.puhe.2016.09.020

Harden, Jeni, Kendall, Kathleen and MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2016. Editorial: teaching social and behavioural sciences in medical education. MedEdPublish 5 (3) 10.15694/mep.2016.000087

MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, Johns, Nicholas ORCID: and Green, Alison 2016. Understanding same-sex marriage as equality, but with exceptions. Families, Relationships and Societies 5 (2) , pp. 229-245. 10.1332/204674315X14303090852878

MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, Parsons, Clare and Carati, Ilona 2015. Playfulness and game play: using geocaching to engage young people’s wellbeing in a national park. Xu, Feifei and Buhalis, Dimitrios, eds. Gamification in Tourism, Channel View Publications,

MacBride-Stewart, Sara J. ORCID: 2014. Horowitz, R. In the public interest: medical licensing and the disciplinary process. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press. 2013. [Book Review]. Sociology of Health & Illness 36 (8) , pp. 1296-1297. 10.1111/1467-9566.12205

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Johns, Nicholas ORCID:, MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID:, Powell, Martin and Green, Alison 2014. When is positive action not positive action? Exploring the conceptual meaning and implications of the tie-break criterion in the UK Equality Act 2010. Equality Diversity and Inclusion 33 (1) , pp. 97-113. 10.1108/EDI-12-2012-0120

MacBride-Stewart, Sara J. ORCID: 2013. The effort to control time in the 'new' general practice. Sociology of Health & Illness 35 (4) , pp. 560-574. 10.1111/j.1467-9566.2012.01503.x

MacBride-Stewart, Sara J. ORCID: 2013. Stacey, C.L. The caring self: The work experiences of home care aides, New York: Cornell University Press. 2011. [Book Review]. Sociology of Health & Illness 35 (4) , pp. 647-648. 10.1111/1467-9566.12060

Addis, Samia ORCID:, Davies, Myfanwy, Greene, Giles ORCID:, MacBride-Stewart, Sara J. ORCID: and Shepherd, Michael Allan 2009. The health, social care and housing needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older people: a review of the literature. Health and Social Care in the Community 17 (6) , pp. 647-658. 10.1111/j.1365-2524.2009.00866.x

MacBride-Stewart, Sara J. ORCID: 2009. The relationship between affect, subjectivity and care in the context of medicine. Presented at: BSA Annual Conference, Cardiff, UK, 16 -18 April 2009.

MacBride-Stewart, Sara J. ORCID: 2008. Cochlear implants: Intersubjective and uncanny medical technologies. Presented at: BSA Medical Society Annual Conference, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, 4-6 September 2008.

MacBride-Stewart, Sara J. ORCID: and Grace, V. M. 2008. More than one of us: sex pain as an embodied affective relation. Presented at: Subjectivity. International Conference in Critical Psychology, Cardiff, UK, 27-29 June 2008.

Grace, Victoria M. and MacBride-Stewart, Sara J. ORCID: 2008. Metaphors of injury: women make sense of pelvic pain. Twohig, Peter and Kalitzkus, Vera, eds. Social Studies of Health, Illness and Disease: Perspectives from the Social Sciences and Humanities, At the Interface/ Probing the Boundaries, vol. 49. Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp. 175-192.

Grace, Victoria M. and MacBride-Stewart, Sara J. ORCID: 2008. 'How to say it?': Women's descriptions of pelvic pain. Women & Health 46 (4) , pp. 81-98. 10.1300/J013v46n04_05

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MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2007. Que(e)rying the Meaning of Lesbian Health: Individual(izing) and Community Discourses. Clarke, V. and Peel, E., eds. Out in Psychology: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer Perspectives, Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, pp. 427-443. (10.1002/9780470713099.ch20)

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MacBride-Stewart, Sara ORCID: 2004. VI. Kitzinger's Pivotal Text on The Social Construction of Lesbianism. Feminism & Psychology 14 (4) , pp. 522-526. 10.1177/0959353504046869

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