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Ade, Peter A. R., Costley, A. E., Cunningham, C. T., Mok, C .L., Neill, G. F. and Parker, T. J. 1979. Free-standing grids wound from 5 μm diameter wire for spectroscopy at far-infrared wavelengths. Infrared Physics 19 (5) , pp. 599-601. 10.1016/0020-0891(79)90080-0

Ager, Ann, Pearson, Jeremy D. and Gordon, John L. 1979. Radioimmunoassay of 6-oxoprostaglandin F1α and prostaglandin E2 produced by pig aortic endothelium in culture [Abstract]. Biochemical Society Transactions 7 (5) , pp. 1065-1066. 10.1042/bst0071065

Aylward, Mansel 1979. Hexopal in Raynaud's disease. Journal of International Medical Research 7 (6) , pp. 484-491.

Aylward, Mansel, Fowler, P. D., John, V., Maddock, J. and Seldrup, J. 1979. The influence of diclofenac sodium (Voltarol) on free, protein-bound and total plasma L-tryptophan in adult healthy male subjects. Rheumatology and Rehabilitation (Supp 2) , pp. 47-59.

Baker, I. A., Elwood, Peter Creighton and Sweetnam, Peter M. 1979. Free school meals and height of Welsh schoolchildren [Letter]. The Lancet 314 (8144) , p. 692. 10.1016/S0140-6736(79)92087-7

Buck, Michael 1979. Blood pressure and its measurement. School Science Review 61 (214) , pp. 68-70.

Burr, Michael Leslie, Charles, T. J., Roy, K. and Seaton, A. 1979. Asthma in the elderly: an epidemiological survey. BMJ 1 (6170) , pp. 1041-1044. 10.1136/bmj.1.6170.1041

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Christofferson, H. C., Wallin, B., Selkman, S. and Rickard, D. T. 1979. Mineralization controls in the sandstone lead-zinc deposits at Vassbo, Sweden. Economic Geology 74 (5) , pp. 1239-1249. 10.2113/gsecongeo.74.5.1239

Collins, Harold Maurice 1979. The investigation of frames of meaning in science: complementarity and compromise. The Sociological Review 27 (4) , pp. 703-718. 10.1111/j.1467-954X.1979.tb00356.x

Collins, Harold Maurice and Pinch, T. J. 1979. The construction of the paranormal: nothing unscientific is happening. In: Wallis, Roy ed. Sociological Review Monograph. No. 27: On the Margins of Science: The Social Construction of Rejected Knowledge,, Keele University Press, pp. 237-270.

Edwards, Dianne 1979. The early history of vascular plants based on late Silurian and early Devonian floras of the British Isles. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 8 , pp. 405-410. 10.1144/GSL.SP.1979.008.01.46

Edwards, Dianne 1979. A late Silurian flora from the Lower Old Red Sandstone of south-west Dyfed. Palaeontology 22 (1) , pp. 23-52.

Edwards, Dianne, Bassett, Michael G. and Rogerson, E. Catherine W. 1979. The earliest vascular land plants: continuing the search for proof. Lethaia 12 (4) , pp. 313-324. 10.1111/j.1502-3931.1979.tb01017.x

Edwards, Dianne and Rogerson, E. C. W. 1979. New records of fertile Rhyniophytina from the late Silurian of Wales. Geological Magazine 116 (2) , pp. 93-98. 10.1017/S0016756800042503

Edwards, John Richard and Baber, C. 1979. Dowlais iron company: accounting policies and procedures for profit measurement and reporting purposes. Accounting and Business Research 9 (34) , pp. 139-151. 10.1080/00014788.1979.9729149

Elwood, Peter Creighton and Sweetnam, P. M. 1979. Aspirin and secondary mortality after myocardial infarction. The Lancet 314 (8156) , pp. 1313-1315. 10.1016/S0140-6736(79)92808-3

Evans, David Emrys and Hanche-Olsen, Harald 1979. The generators of positive semigroups. Journal of Functional Analysis 32 (2) , pp. 207-212. 10.1016/0022-1236(79)90054-5

Ezzamel, Mahmoud 1979. Divisional cost of capital and the measurement of divisional performance. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 6 (Autumn) , pp. 307-319. 10.1111/j.1468-5957.1979.tb01092.x

Felce, David John and Jenkins, J. 1979. Engagement in activities by old people in residential care. Health and Social Service Journal 89 (4666) , E23-E28.

Fletcher, Andrew S., Paget, Walter E., Smith, Keith, Swaminathan, Kalyanaraman, Beynon, John H., Morgan, Roger P., Bozorgzadeh, Mohammed and Haley, Martin J. 1979. Novel organoborane compound type from the reaction of diphenylbromoborane with di-isopropylcarbamoyl-lithium. Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications (7) , pp. 347-348. 10.1039/C39790000347

Fletcher, Andrew S., Paget, Walter E., Smith, Keith, Swaminathan, Kalyanaraman and Haley, Martin J. 1979. Reaction of di-n-hexylbromoborane with di-isopropylcarbamoyl-lithium: X-ray crystal structure of 2,2,5,5-tetra-n-hexyl-4,6-bis(di-isopropyliminio)-2,5-diborata-1,3-dioxacyclohexane, a new organoborane which is remarkably resistant to oxidation. Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications (13) , pp. 573-574. 10.1039/C39790000573

Floden, T., Wallin, B. G., Lans, H., Sundin, G. and Rickard, D. T. 1979. K:KART; a minicomputer program for two- and three dimensional representations of topographic and isopach maps. Economic Geology 74 (5) , pp. 1250-1254. 10.2113/gsecongeo.74.5.1250

Gillman, Max 1979. A feasibility study of a world trade model in Oilseeds. [Working Paper]. U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Gregory, M., Pearson, Peter J. G. and Sinha, R. 1979. Poverty, income distribution and development strategies for India. Development Policy Review A12 (2) , pp. 23-40. 10.1111/j.1467-7679.1979.tb00424.x

Haddock, Bruce Anthony 1979. Vico's 'Discovery of the True Homer': A case study in historical reconstruction. Journal of the History of Ideas 40 (4) , pp. 583-602.

Jones, Dylan Marc, Jones, M. E., Lewis, Malcolm John and Spriggs, T. L. 1979. Drugs and human memory: effects of low doses of nitrazepam and hyoscine on retention. British Journal Of Clinical Pharmacology 7 (5) , pp. 479-483. 10.1111/j.1365-2125.1979.tb00989.x

Jones, Dylan Marc, Smith, Andrew Paul and Broadbent, Donald 1979. Effects of moderate intensity noise on the Bakan vigilance task. Journal of Applied Psychology 64 (6) , pp. 627-634. 10.1037//0021-9010.64.6.627

Kounis, N. G. and Evans, William Howard 1979. Prevention of the recurrences of chronic thromboembolic disease. British Journal of Clinical Practice 33 (10) , pp. 283-285.

Leake, Bernard E., Farrow, Colin M. and Townend, Roger 1979. A pre-2000 Myr old granulite facies metamorphosed evaporite from Caraiba, Brazil? Nature 277 , pp. 49-59.

Lewis, Richard Kurt 1979. Pneumoconiosis and special hardship allowance. Journal of Social Welfare Law 2 , pp. 114-118.

Lisle, Richard John 1979. Strain analysis using deformed pebbles: the influence of initial pebble shape. Tectonophysics 60 (3-4) , pp. 263-277. 10.1016/0040-1951(79)90163-X

Lloyd, D., Edwards, S., Kristensen, B. and Degn, H. 1979. The effect of inhibitors on the oxygen kinetics of terminal oxidases of Acanthamoeba castellanii. Biochemical Journal 182 (1) , pp. 11-15. 10.1042/bj1820011

Lloyd, David 1979. General methodology for isolation and characterization of Mitochondria from microorganisms. Methods in Enzymology 55 (C) , pp. 135-144. 10.1016/0076-6879(79)55019-8

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Lloyd, David, Lindmark, Donald G. and MÜLLER, MIKLÓS 1979. Adenosine triphosphatase activity of Tritrichomonas foetus. Microbiology 115 (2) , pp. 301-307. 10.1099/00221287-115-2-301

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Manstead, Antony Stephen Reid and Lee, J. S. 1979. The effectiveness of two types of witness appeal sign. Ergonomics 22 (10) , pp. 1125-1140. 10.1080/00140137908924687

Minford, Anthony Patrick Leslie, Matthews, Kent Gerard Patrick and Marwaha, S. 1979. Terminal conditions as a means of ensuring unique solutions for rational expectations models with forward expectations. Economics Letters 4 (2) , pp. 117-120. 10.1016/0165-1765(79)90219-2

Ncube, S., Pelter, A. and Smith, Keith 1979. Improved synthesis of tertiary alcohols from reactions of organoboranes with 2-lithio-1,3-benzodithioles. Tetrahedron Letters 20 (21) , pp. 1895-1896. 10.1016/S0040-4039(01)86872-6

Ncube, S., Pelter, A. and Smith, Keith 1979. Reactions of organoboranes and 2-lithio-2-alkyl-1,3-benzodithioles: A new, improved synthesis of ketones. Tetrahedron Letters 20 (21) , pp. 1893-1894. 10.1016/S0040-4039(01)86871-4

Peach, C. J. and Lisle, Richard John 1979. A FORTRAN IV program for the analysis of tectonic strain using deformed elliptical markers. Computers & Geosciences 5 (3-4) , pp. 325-334. 10.1016/0098-3004(79)90028-1

Pearce, Julian A. and Norry, Michael J. 1979. Petrogenetic implications of Ti, Zr, Y, and Nb variations in volcanic rocks. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 69 (1) , pp. 33-47. 10.1007/bf00375192

Pearson, Jeremy D., Ager, Ann, Trevethick, M. A. and Gordon, John L. 1979. Prostaglandin production by cultured vascular cells. Agents and Actions Supplements 4 , pp. 120-126.

Pearson, Peter J. G. and Gregory, M. B. 1979. Poverty, income distribution and employment: some results for a macroeconomic model for India. Presented at: Fourth National Development Studies Conference, Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK, 1979.

Pinch, T. J. and Collins, Harold Maurice 1979. Is anti-science not-science? In: Nowotny, H. and Rose, H. eds. Counter-Movements in the Sciences: The Sociology of the Alternatives to Big Science, Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook, Springer Netherlands, pp. 221-250.

Poole, Robert K, Lloyd, David and Chance, Britton 1979. The reaction of cytochrome oxidase with oxygen in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-. Studies at subzero temperatures and measurement of apparent oxygen affinity. Biochemical Journal 184 (3) , 555--563. 10.1042/bj1840555

Poupon, R. E. and Evans, William Howard 1979. Biochemical evidence that Na+,K+-ATPase is located at the lateral region of the hepatocyte surface membrane. FEBS Letters 108 (2) , pp. 374-378. 10.1016/0014-5793(79)80567-0

Powell, Liz, Felce, David John, Jenkins, Judith and Lunt, Barry 1979. Increasing engagement in a home for the elderly by providing an indoor gardening activity. Behaviour Research and Therapy 17 (2) , pp. 127-135. 10.1016/0005-7967(79)90021-4

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Rickard, D., Zweifel, H. and Donnelly, T.H. 1979. Sulfur isotope systematics in the Aasen pyrite-barite deposits, Skellefte District, Sweden. Economic Geology 74 (5) , pp. 1060-1068. 10.2113/gsecongeo.74.5.1060

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Simpson, N. B., Bowden, Paul Edward, Forster, R. A. and Cunliffe, W. J. 1979. The effect of topically applied progesterone on sebum excretion rate. British Journal of Dermatology 100 (6) , pp. 687-692. 10.1111/j.1365-2133.1979.tb08073.x

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Thomas, H. F., Elwood, Peter Creighton, Welsby, E. and St. Leger, A. S. 1979. Relationship of blood lead in women and children to domestic water lead [Letter]. Nature 282 (5740) , pp. 712-713. 10.1038/282712a0

Valotaire, Y., Chaisiri, N., Evans, Bronwen Alice James and Pierrepoint, C. G. 1979. Demonstration of a cytosol receptor for 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone in the canine prostate. Journal of Endocrinology 81 (2) , 147P-147P.

Warden-Smith, Jeremy and Spriggs, T. L. 1979. An effect of neostigmine on the response of the rat anococcygeus muscle to field stimulation [Abstract]. British Journal of Pharmacology 67 (3) , 463P. 10.1111/j.1476-5381.1979.tb08695.x

Waters, Ronald, Allibone, T. E., Dring, D. and Allen, N. 1979. The Structure of the Impulse Corona in a Rod/Plane Gap. II. The Negative Corona: Propagation and Streamer/Anode Interaction. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 367 (1730) , p. 321. 10.1098/rspa.1979.0091

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