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Chandler, Hannah L., Stickland, Rachael C., Germuska, Michael, Patitucci, Eleonora, Foster, Catherine, Bhome-Dhaliwal, Shona, Lancaster, Thomas M., Saxena, Neeraj, Khot, Sharmila, Tomassini, Valentina and Wise, Richard G. 2021. Using dual-calibrated functional MRI to map brain oxygen supply and consumption in multiple sclerosis. BioRxiv

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Champagne, Allen A, Coverdale, Nicole S, Germuska, Mike, Bhogal, Alex A and Cook, Douglas J 2020. Changes in volumetric and metabolic parameters relate to differences in exposure to sub-concussive head impacts. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 40 (7) , pp. 1453-1467. 10.1177/0271678X19862861

Germuska, Michael, Chandler, Hannah, Okell, Thomas, Fasano, Fabrizio, Tomassini, Valentina, Murphy, Kevin and Wise, Richard 2020. A frequency-domain machine learning method for dual-calibrated fMRI mapping of oxygen extraction fraction (OEF) and cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumption (CMRO2). Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 3 , 12. 10.3389/frai.2020.00012

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Merola, Alberto, Germuska, Michael A., Murphy, Kevin and Wise, Richard G. 2018. Assessing the repeatability of absolute CMRO 2 , OEF and haemodynamic measurements from calibrated fMRI. NeuroImage 173 , pp. 113-126. 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2018.02.020

Merola, Alberto, Germuska, Michael A., Warnert, Esther A. H., Richmond, Lewys, Helme, Daniel, Khot, Sharmila, Murphy, Kevin, Rogers, Peter J., Hall, Judith E. and Wise, Richard G. 2017. Mapping the pharmacological modulation of brain oxygen metabolism: the effects of caffeine on absolute CMRO2 measured using dual calibrated fMRI. NeuroImage 155 , pp. 331-343. 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2017.03.028

Winfield, Jessica M., Tunariu, Nina, Rata, Mihaela, Miyazaki, Keiko, Jerome, Neil P., Germuska, Michael, Blackledge, Matthew D., Collins, David J., de Bono, Johann S., Yap, Timothy A., deSouza, Nandita M., Doran, Simon J., Koh, Dow-Mu, Leach, Martin O., Messiou, Christina and Orton, Matthew R. 2017. Extracranial soft-tissue Tumors: repeatability of apparent diffusion coefficient estimates from diffusion-weighted MR imaging. Radiology 284 (1) , p. 88. 10.1148/radiol.2017161965

Germuska, Michael, Merola, Alberto, Murphy, Kevin, Babic, Adele, Richmond, Lewys, Khot, Sharmila, Hall, Judith Elizabeth and Wise, Richard Geoffrey 2016. A forward modelling approach for the estimation of oxygen extraction fraction by calibrated fMRI. NeuroImage 139 , pp. 313-323. 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.06.004

Merola, Alberto, Murphy, Kevin, Stone, Alan J., Germuska, Michael A., Griffeth, Valerie E. M., Blockley, Nicholas P., Buxton, Richard B. and Wise, Richard Geoffrey 2016. Measurement of oxygen extraction fraction (OEF): An optimized BOLD signal model for use with hypercapnic and hyperoxic calibration. NeuroImage 129 , pp. 159-174. 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.01.021

Suri, San, Mackay, Clare E., Kelly, Michael E., Germuska, Michael, Tunbridge, Elizabeth M., Frisoni, Giovanni B., Matthews, Paul M., Ebmeier, Klaus P., Bulte, Daniel P. and Filippini, Nicola 2015. Reduced cerebrovascular reactivity in young adults carrying the APOE ε4 allele. Alzheimer's and Dementia 11 (6) , pp. 648-657. 10.1016/j.jalz.2014.05.1755

Germuska, Michael A. and Bulte, Daniel P. 2014. MRI measurement of oxygen extraction fraction, mean vessel size and cerebral blood volume using serial hyperoxia and hypercapnia. NeuroImage 92 , pp. 132-142. 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2014.02.002

Germuska, Michael A., Meakin, James A. and Bulte, Daniel P. 2013. The influence of noise on BOLD-mediated vessel size imaging analysis methods. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 33 (12) , pp. 1857-1863. 10.1038/jcbfm.2013.141

Hare, Hannah V., Germuska, Michael A., Kelly, Michael E. and Bulte, Daniel P. 2013. Comparison of CO2 in air versus carbogen for the measurement of cerebrovascular reactivity with magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 33 (11) , pp. 1799-1805. 10.1038/jcbfm.2013.131

Blockley, Nicholas P., Griffeth, Valerie E. M., Germuska, Michael A., Bulte, Daniel P. and Buxton, Richard B. 2013. An analysis of the use of hyperoxia for measuring venous cerebral blood volume: Comparison of the existing method with a new analysis approach. NeuroImage 72 , pp. 33-40. 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2013.01.039

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Yap, Timothy A., Olmos, David, Brunetto, Andre T., Tunariu, Nina, Barriuso, Jorge, Riisnaes, Ruth, Pope, Lorna, Clark, Jeremy, Futreal, Andrew, Germuska, Michael, Collins, David, deSouza, Nandita M., Leach, Martin O., Savage, Ronald E., Waghorne, Carol, Chai, Feng, Garmey, Edward, Schwartz, Brian, Kaye, Stan B. and de Bono, Johann S. 2011. Phase I trial of a selective c-MET inhibitor ARQ 197 incorporating proof of mechanism pharmacodynamic studies. Journal of Clinical Oncology 29 (10) , pp. 1271-1279. 10.1200/JCO.2010.31.0367

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Yap, T. A., Lolkema, M. P., Tunariu, N., Tan, D. S. W., Brunetto, A. T., Germuska, Michael, Garmey, E., Li, J., deSouza, N. and de Bono, J. S. 2009. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic Phase I trial of ARQ 197 incorporating dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) and diffusion weighted (DW) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies investigating the antiangiogenic and antitumor activity of selective c-Met inhibition. EJC Supplements 7 (2) , p. 121.

Yap, T. A., Frentzas, S., Tunariu, N., Barriuso, J., Harris, D., Germuska, Michael, Waghorne, C., Li, J., deSouza, N. and de Bono, J. S. 2009. Final results of a pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) phase I trial of ARQ 197 incorporating dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies investigating the antiangiogenic activity of selective c-Met inhibition. Journal of Clinical Oncology 27 (15) , abstr 3523.

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Germuska, Michael A., Saha, S., Fiala, J. and Barbas, H. 2006. Synaptic distinction of laminar-specific prefrontal-temporal pathways in primates. Cerebral Cortex 16 (6) , pp. 865-875. 10.1093/cercor/bhj030

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