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O'Kelly, Brendan C., Pantos, Olga, Weaver, Louise, Sarris, Theo S., Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai, Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Singh, Prithvendra and Singh, Devendra Narain 2024. Fate and impact of nano/microplastic in the geoenvironment — ecotoxicological perspective. Environmental Geotechnics 11 (4) , pp. 293-306. 10.1680/jenge.22.00053

Jiang, Shasha, Deng, Xiaoyu, Ma, Liyuan, Wang, Hongmei, Wang, Xingjie, Feng, Liang, Zhu, Feng, Xue, Shengguo and Mohammad, Arif ORCID: 2024. Standardized framework for assessing soil quality at antimony smelting site by considering microbial-induced resilience and heavy metal contamination. Journal of Environmental Sciences 148 , pp. 306-320. 10.1016/j.jes.2023.12.031
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Wang, Qiao, Xie, Haijian, Peng, Yingfei, Mohammad, Arif ORCID: and Singh, Devendra Narain 2023. VOCs emission from a final landfill cover system induced by ground surface air temperature and barometric pressure fluctuation. Environmental Pollution 336 , 122391. 10.1016/j.envpol.2023.122391
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Singh, Prithvendra, Vitone, Claudia, Baudet, Béatrice A., Cotecchia, Federica, Notarnicola, Michele, Plötze, Michael, Puzrin, Alexander M., Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai, Mali, Matilda, Petti, Rosella, Sollecito, Francesca, Todaro, Francesco, Muththalib, Abdulla, Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Bokade, Mrunal S. and Singh, Devendra Narain 2023. Characterisation, remediation and valorisation of contaminated sediments: a critical review. Environmental Geotechnics 10.1680/jenge.22.00201
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Vaverková, Magdalena Daria, Paleologos, Evan Kk, Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai, Koda, Eugeniusz, Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Podlasek, Anna, Winkler, Jan, Jakimiuk, Aleksandra, Cerný, Martin and Singh, Devendra Narain 2023. Environmental impacts of landfills: perspectives on bio-monitoring. Environmental Geotechnics 10.1680/jenge.23.00003
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Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, O'Kelly, Brendan C. and Singh, Devendra Narain 2023. NovADEC: Novel approach for determination of the elemental content of organic matter. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 103 (4) , pp. 798-813. 10.1080/03067319.2020.1863956

Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Paleologos, Evan K, Ogrodnik, Pawel, Koda, Eugeniusz, Osiński, Piotr, Podlasek, Anna, Vaverková, Magdalena Daria, Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai, Singh, Prithvendra, Wang, Kai, Chen, Xiao - Hui, Ding, Aizhong, Jiang, Ning-Jun, Wang, Yi-Jie and Singh, Devendra Narain 2023. Occurrence and ecotoxicological effects of fires at municipal solid waste landfills. Environmental Geotechnics 10.1680/jenge.22.00100

Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Singh, Devendra Narain, Podlasek, Anna, Osinski, Piotr and Koda, Eugeniusz 2022. Leachate characteristics: Potential indicators for monitoring various phases of municipal solid waste decomposition in a bioreactor landfill. Journal of Environmental Management 309 , 114683. 10.1016/j.jenvman.2022.114683

O'Kelly, Brendan C, El-Zein, Abbas, Liu, Xiaoli, Patel, Anjan, Fei, Xunchang, Sharma, Susmita, Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai, Wang, Jing Jing, Li, Dunzhu, Shi, Yunhong, Xiao, Liwen, Kuntikana, Ganaraj, Shashank, Bettadapura Subramanyam, Sarris, Theo S, Rao, Bendadi Hanumantha, Mohamed, Abdel Mohsen O, Paleologos, Evan K, Nezhad, Mohaddeseh Mousavi and Singh, Devendra N 2021. Microplastics in soils: an environmental geotechnics perspective. Environmental Geotechnics 8 (8) , pp. 586-618. 10.1680/jenge.20.00179

Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai and Mart{\i, Petra 2021. Effect of physico-chemico-biological and operational parameters on composting of organic fraction of municipal solid waste and gaseous products emission: review. Environmental Technology Reviews 10 (1) , pp. 271-294. 10.1080/21622515.2021.1989060

Paleologos, Evan K., O'Kelly, Brendan C., Tang, Chao-Sheng, Cornell, Ken, Rodriguez-Chueca, Jorge, Abuel-Naga, Hossam, Koda, Eugeniusz, Farid, Arvin, Vaverková, Magdalena Daria, Kostarelos, Konstantinos, Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai, Guerra-Rodríguez, Sonia, Leong, Eng-Choon, Jayanthi, Prathyusha, Shashank, Bettadapura S., Sharma, Susmita, Shreedhar, Sowmya, Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Jha, Bhagwanjee, Kuntikana, Ganaraj, Win Bo, Myint, Mohamed, Abdel-Mohsen O. and Devendra N., Singh 2021. Post Covid-19 water and waste water management to protect public health and geoenvironment. Environmental Geotechnics 8 (3) , pp. 193-207. 10.1680/jenge.20.00067

Vaverkova, Magdalena Daria, Paleologos, Evan K., Dominijanni, Andrea, Koda, Eugeniusz, Tang, Chao-Sheng, Malgorzata, Wdowska, Li, Qi, Guarena, Nicolo, Mohamed, Abdel-Mohsen O., Vieira, Castorina S., Manassero, Mario, O'Kelly, Brendan C. O., Xie, Qifeng, Bo, Myint Win, Adamcova, Dana, Podlasek, Anna, Anand, Uday M., Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai, Kuntikana, Ganaraj, Palmeria, Ennio M., Pathak, Shalu and Singh, Devendra Narain 2021. Municipal solid waste management under Covid-19: Challenges and recommendations. Environmental Geotechnics 8 (3) , pp. 217-232. 10.1680/jenge.20.00082

Jiang, Ning-Jun, Hanson, James L., Vecchia, Gabriele Della, Zhu, Cheng, Yi, Yaolin, Arnepalli, Dali N., Courcelles, Benoit, He, Jia, Horpibulsuk, Suksun, Hoy, Menglim, Takahashi, Akihiro, Arulrajah, Arul, Lin, Chih-Ping, Dowoud, Osama, Li, Zili, Gao, Zhiwei, Hata, Toshiro, Zhang, Limin, Du, Yan-Jun, Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai, Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Singh, Prithvendra, Kuntikana, Ganaraj and Singh, Devendra N. 2021. Geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering education during the pandemic. Environmental Geotechnics 8 (3) , pp. 233-243. 10.1680/jenge.20.00086

Chandana, N., Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai, Mohammad, Arif ORCID: and Singh, Devendra Narain 2021. Characterization and utilization of landfill-mined-soil-like-fractions (LFMSF) for sustainable development: a critical appraisal. Waste and Biomass Valorization 12 (2) , pp. 641-662. 10.1007/s12649-020-01052-y

Mohammad, Arif ORCID:, Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai and Singh, Devendra Narain 2021. Discussion on ‘Challenges, opportunities, and innovations for effective solid waste management during and post COVID-19 pandemic, by Sharma et al. (2020)’. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 164 , 105175. 10.1016/j.resconrec.2020.105175

Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai, Mohammad, Arif ORCID: and Singh, Devendra Narain 2020. Application of municipal plastic waste as a manmade neo-construction material: issues & wayforward. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 161 , 105008. 10.1016/j.resconrec.2020.105008

Chembukavu, Agnes Anto, Mohammad, Arif ORCID: and Singh, Devendra Narain 2019. Bioreactor landfills in developing countries: a critical review. Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management 45 (1) , pp. 21-38. 10.5276/JSWTM.2019.21

Shashank, B. S., Rakshith, S., Joseph, J., Mohammad, A. ORCID: and Singh, D. N. 2017. Flow of microbial suspension through porous media. Presented at: 1st GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition, Egypt 2017 on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures, 15-17 July 2017. Published in: Singh, D. N. and Galaa, A. eds. Contemporary Issues in Geoenvironmental Engineering: Proceedings of the 1st GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition, Egypt 2017 on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures. Springer, pp. 115-122. 10.1007/978-3-319-61612-4_9

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