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Bowles, R. D. and Leake, Bernard Elgey, eds. 1978. Crustal evolution in northwestern Britain and adjacent regions. Liverpool: Seel House.

Degn, Hans, Lloyd, David and Hill, George C., eds. 1978. Functions of Alternative Terminal Oxidases. Febs Federation of European Biochemical Societies 11Th Meeting Copenhagen 1977, Oxford and New York, NY: Pergamon Press. 10.1016/C2013-0-03004-6

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El-Atawy, S. A. and Ade, Peter A. R. 1978. Far-infrared composite bolometers using surface ION implanted Ge as an absorbing surface. Infrared Physics 18 (5-6) , pp. 683-690. 10.1016/0020-0891(78)90090-8

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Evans, Alwyn G., Evans, Jeffrey C., Espley, David J. C., Morgan, Peter Huw and Mortimer, Jonathan 1978. Electron spin resonance studies of ziegler-type catalysts. Part 2. Identification and spectra of some dialkyldi(η-cyclopentadienyl)vanadium(IV) complexes. Journal of the Chemical Society. Dalton Transactions (1) , pp. 57-61. 10.1039/dt9780000057

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Thomas, H. F. and Elwood, Peter Creighton 1978. "First flush" water lead [Letter]. The Lancet 312 (8080) , pp. 109-110. 10.1016/S0140-6736(78)91429-0

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