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Edwards, Tim and Kakavelakis, Konstantinos 2022. Problematising people management practices: a critical realist study of knowledge sharing. Journal of Critical Realism 21 (1) , pp. 46-64. 10.1080/14767430.2021.1992734
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Meliou, Elina, Ozbilgin, Mustafa and Edwards, Tim 2021. How does responsible leadership emerge? An emergentist perspective. European Management Review 18 (4) , pp. 521-543. 10.1111/emre.12488
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Kakavelakis, Konstantinos and Edwards, Timothy James 2021. The impact of structure and corporate ideology on leader-follower relations in the bureaucratic organization: a reflection on moral mazes. Journal of Business Ethics 10.1007/s10551-021-04919-9
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Galazka, Anna Milena, Edwards, Tim and Harding, Keith 2021. Realist evaluation of social outcomes in community care: the application of affordance theory to the Lindsay Leg Clubs. Journal of Critical Realism 20 (3) , pp. 280-299. 10.1080/14767430.2021.1918969
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Daudigeos, Thibault, Edwards, Tim, Jaumier, Stephane, Pasquier, Vincent and Picard, Helene 2021. Elusive domination and the fate of critique in neo-participative management: a French pragmatist approach. Organization Studies 42 (3) , pp. 453-471. 10.1177/0170840619856027

Galazka, Anna Milena, Beynon, Malcolm and Edwards, Timothy 2020. Index of information and communication technology use in labour administration: its need, its pertinence and its potential use. International Review of Administrative Sciences 86 (2) , pp. 240-260. 10.1177/0020852318769142

Lopez, Unai, Morgan, Jeffrey, Jones, Kathryn, Rana, Omer, Edwards, Timothy and Grigoletto, Fabio 2019. Enabling citizen science in rural environments with IoT and mobile technologies. Presented at: IoT ’19, Bilbao, Spain, 22-25 Oct 2019. -.

Edwards, Timothy 2019. Book review: justification, evaluation and critique in the study of organizations: contributions from French pragmatist sociology. Journal of Classical Sociology 19 (2) , pp. 213-219. 10.1177/1468795X18809190

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Rhode, Matilda, Rana, Omer and Edwards, Timothy 2017. Data capture and analysis to assess impact of carbon credit schemes. [Online]. arXiv. Available at:

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Meliou, Elina and Edwards, Timothy James 2016. Relationally reflexive women: household strategies of female entrepreenurs as social change. Presented at: Academy of Management Conference 2016, Anaheim, California, 5-9 August 2016. Published in: Atinc, Guclu ed. Academy of Management Proceedings. Academy of Management Proceedings , vol. 1. Briarcliff Manor, NY: Academy of Management, pp. 1-6. 10.5465/ambpp.2016.197

Edwards, Timothy James 2015. Institutional theory: reflections on ontology. In: Mir, Raza, Willmott, Hugh and Greenwood, Michelle eds. Routledge Handbook of Philosophy in Organization Sciences, Routledge Companions in Business, Management and Accounting, London: Routledge, pp. 125-137.

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Edwards, Timothy James 2010. Knowledge work and the employment relationship in the 'new workplace'. In: Blyton, Paul Robert, Heery, Edmund James and Turnbull, Peter John eds. Reassessing the Employment Relationship, Management, Work and Organisations, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 401-423.

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Edwards, Timothy James, Delbridge, Rick and Munday, Maxim C. R. 2007. A critical assessment of the evaluation of EU Interventions for Innovation in the SME sector in Wales. Urban Studies 44 (12) , pp. 2429-2448. 10.1080/00420980701540960

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Edwards, Timothy James, Battisti, Giuliana, McClendon Jr, Wesley Payne, Denyer, David and Neely, Andy 2004. How can firms in the UK be encouraged to create more value? A discussion and review paper. [Discussion Paper]. Advanced Institute of Management Research. Available at:

Delbridge, Rick and Edwards, Timothy James 2003. Actors and roles in processes of de- and re-Institutionalization. Presented at: 19th EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) Colloquium, Copenhagen, Denmark, 3-5 July 2003.

Thomas, Robyn, Davies, Annette, Edwards, Timothy James, Ezzamel, Mahmoud, Ogbonna, Emmanuel Okechukwu, Budhwar, Pawan and Crane, Andy 2002. Organizing/theorizing: developments in organization theory and practice. Presented at: Employment Research Unit Annual Conference, Cardiff, UK, 12-13 September 2002.

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Budhwar, Pawan, Crane, Andy, Davies, Annette, Delbridge, Rick, Edwards, Timothy James, Ezzamel, Mahmoud, Harris, Lloyd, Ogbonna, Emmanuel Okechukwu and Thomas, Robyn Organizing/theorizing: Developments in organization theory and practice. Management Research News 25 (8/9/10) , pp. 1-193. 10.1108/01409170210783368

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