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Whelan, M. J., Linstead, C., Worrall, F., Ormerod, S. J., Durance, I., Johnson, A. C., Johnson, D., Owen, M., Wiik, E., Howden, N. J. K., Burt, T.P., Boxall, A., Brown, C. D., Oliver, D. M. and Tickner, D. 2022. Is water quality in British rivers "better than at any time since the end of the Industrial Revolution"? Science of the Total Environment 843 , 157014. 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.157014

Jones, Laurence, Boeri, Marco, Christie, Mike, Durance, Isabelle, Evans, Karl L., Fletcher, David, Harrison, Laura, Jorgensen, Anna, Masante, Dario, McGinlay, James, Paterson, David M., Schmucki, Reto, Short, Chris, Small, Natalie, Southon, Georgina, Stojanovic, Timothy and Waters, Ruth 2022. Can we model cultural ecosystem services, and are we measuring the right things? People and Nature 4 (1) , pp. 166-179. 10.1002/pan3.10271

Eastwood, Niamh, Stubbings, William A., Abou-Elwafa Abdallah, Mohamed A., Durance, Isabelle, Paavola, Jouni, Dallimer, Martin, Pantel, Jelena H., Johnson, Samuel, Zhou, Jiarui, Hosking, J. Scott, Brown, James B., Ullah, Sami, Krause, Stephan, Hannah, David M., Crawford, Sarah E., Widmann, Martin and Orsini, Luisa 2022. The Time Machine framework: monitoring and prediction of biodiversity loss. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 37 (2) , pp. 138-146. 10.1016/j.tree.2021.09.008
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Perry, Iain, Jams, Ifan B, Casas-Mulet, Roser, Hamutoko, Josefina, Marchbank, Angela, Lendelvo, Selma, Naomab, Erold, Mapani, Benjamin, Creer, Simon, Wanke, Heike, Durance, Isabelle and Kille, Peter 2022. Challenges to implementing environmental-DNA monitoring in Namibia. Frontiers in Environmental Science 9 , 773991. 10.3389/fenvs.2021.773991

Casas-Mulet, R., Matthews, E., Geist, J., Durance, I. and Cable, J. 2021. Negative effects of parasite exposure and variable thermal stress on brown trout (Salmo trutta) under future climatic and hydropower production scenarios. Climate Change Ecology 2 , 100039. 10.1016/j.ecochg.2021.100039

Portela, Ana Paula, Vieira, Cristiana, Carvalho-Santos, Cláudia, Gonçalves, João, Durance, Isabelle and Honrado, João 2021. Regional planning of river protection and restoration to promote ecosystem services and nature conservation. Landscape and Urban Planning 211 , 104101. 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2021.104101
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Gutierrez-Canovas, Cayetano, Worthington, Thomas A., Jams, Ifan B., Noble, David G., Perkins, Daniel M., Vaughan, Ian P., Woodward, Guy, Ormerod, Steve J. and Durance, Isabelle 2021. Populations of high-value predators reflect the traits of their prey. Ecography 44 (5) , pp. 690-702. 10.1111/ecog.05438

Perkins, Daniel M., Durance, Isabelle, Jackson, Michelle, Jones, J. Iwan, Lauridsen, Rasmus B., Layer-Dobra, Katrin, Reiss, Julia, Thompson, Murray S. A. and Woodward, Guy 2021. Systematic variation in food web body-size structure linked to external subsidies. Biology Letters 17 (3) , 20200798. 10.1098/rsbl.2020.0798

Worthington, Thomas A., Worthington, Ian, Vaughan, Ian P., Ormerod, Steve J. and Durance, Isabelle 2020. Testing the ecosystem service cascade framework for Atlantic salmon. Ecosystem Services 46 , 101196. 10.1016/j.ecoser.2020.101196

Stone, Catherine, Windsor, Fredric M, Munday, Max and Durance, Isabelle 2020. Natural or synthetic – how global trends in textile usage threaten freshwater environments. Science of the Total Environment 718 , 134689. 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.134689

Jams, Ifan B., Windsor, Fredric M., Poudevigne-Durance, Thomas, Ormerod, Steve J. and Durance, Isabelle 2020. Estimating the size distribution of plastics ingested by animals. Nature Communications 11 , 1594. 10.1038/s41467-020-15406-6

Windsor, Fredric M., Durance, Isabelle, Horton, Alice A., Thompson, Richard C., Tyler, Charles R. and Ormerod, Steve J. 2019. A catchment-scale perspective of plastic pollution. Global Change Biology 25 (4) , pp. 1207-1221. 10.1111/gcb.14572

Perkins, Daniel M., Durance, Isabelle, Edwards, Francois K., Grey, Jonathan, Hildrew, Alan G., Jackson, Michelle, Jones, J. Iwan, Lauridsen, Rasmus B., Layer-Dobra, Katrin, Thompson, Murray S. A. and Woodward, Guy 2018. Bending the rules: exploitation of allochthonous resources by a top-predator modifies size-abundance scaling in stream food webs. Ecology Letters 21 (12) , pp. 1771-1780. 10.1111/ele.13147

Larsen, Stefano, Chase, Jonathan M., Durance, Isabelle and Ormerod, Steve J. 2018. Lifting the veil: richness measurements fail to detect systematic biodiversity change over three decades. Ecology 99 (6) , pp. 1316-1326. 10.1002/ecy.2213

Seymour, Mathew, Durance, Isabelle, Cosby, Bernard J., Ransom-Jones, Emma, Deiner, Kristy, Ormerod, Stephen, Colbourne John, K., Wilgar, Gregory, Carvalho, Gary R., de Bruyn, Mark, Edwards, Francois, Bridget, Emmet A., Bik, Holly M. and Creer, Simon 2018. Acidity promotes degradation of multi-species environmental DNA in lotic mesocosms. Communications Biology 1 , 4. 10.1038/s42003-017-0005-3

Small, N., Munday, M. and Durance, I. 2017. The challenge of valuing ecosystem services that have no material benefits. Global Environmental Change 44 , pp. 57-67. 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2017.03.005

Hildrew, Alan G., Durance, Isabelle and Statzner, Bernhard 2017. Persistence in the longitudinal distribution of lotic insects in a changing climate: a tale of two rivers. Science of the Total Environment 574 , pp. 1294-1304. 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.07.212

Jackson, M.C., Weyl, O.L.F., Altermatt, F., Durance, Isabelle, Friberg, N., Dumbrell, A.J., Piggott, J.J., Tiegs, S.D., Tockner, K., Krug, C.B., Leadley, P.W. and Woodward, G. 2016. Recommendations for the next generation of global freshwater biological monitoring tools. Advances in Ecological Research 55 , pp. 615-636. 10.1016/bs.aecr.2016.08.008

Verberk, Wilco C. E. P., Durance, Isabelle, Vaughan, Ian P. and Ormerod, Steve J. 2016. Field and laboratory studies reveal interacting effects of stream oxygenation and warming on aquatic ectotherms. Global Change Biology 22 (5) , pp. 1769-1778. 10.1111/gcb.13240

Woodward, Guy, Bonada, Nuria, Brown, Lee E., Death, Russell G., Durance, Isabelle, Gray, Clare, Hladyz, Sally, Ledger, Mark E., Milner, Alexander, Ormerod, Stephen, Thomson, Ross M. and Pawar, Samraat 2016. The effects of climatic fluctuations and extreme events on running water ecosystems. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B - Biological Sciences 371 (1694) , 20150274. 10.1098/rstb.2015.0274

Durance, Isabelle, Bruford, Michael William, Chalmers, Rachel, Chappell, Nick A., Christie, Mike, Cosby, B. Jack, Noble, David, Ormerod, Stephen James, Prosser, Havard, Weightman, Andrew John and Woodward, Guy 2016. The challenges of linking ecosystem services to biodiversity. Advances in Ecological Research 54 , pp. 87-134. 10.1016/bs.aecr.2015.10.003

Mulder, Christian, Bennett, Elena M., Bohan, David A., Bonkowski, Michael, Carpenter, Stephen R., Chalmers, Rachel, Cramer, Wolfgang, Durance, Isabelle, Eisenhauer, Nico, Fontaine, Colin, Haughton, Alison J., Hettelingh, Jean-Paul, Hines, Jes, Ibanez, Sébastien, Jeppesen, Erik, Krumins, Jennifer Adams, Ma, Athen, Mancinelli, Giorgio, Massol, François, McLaughlin, Órla, Naeem, Shahid, Pascual, Unai, Peñuelas, Josep, Pettorelli, Nathalie, Pocock, Michael J.O., Raffaelli, Dave, Rasmussen, Jes J., Rusch, Graciela M., Scherber, Christoph, Setälä, Heikki, Sutherland, William J., Vacher, Corinne, Voigt, Winfried, Vonk, J. Arie, Wood, Stephen A. and Woodward, Guy 2015. 10 years later: revisiting priorities for science and society a decade after the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Advances in Ecological Research 53 , pp. 1-53. 10.1016/bs.aecr.2015.10.005

Watts, G., Battarbee, R. W., Bloomfield, J. P., Crossman, J., Daccache, A., Durance, Isabelle, Elliott, J. A., Garner, G., Hannaford, J., Hannah, D. M., Hess, T., Jackson, C. R., Kay, A. L., Kernan, M., Knox, J., Mackay, J., Monteith, D. T., Ormerod, Stephen James, Rance, J., Stuart, M. E., Wade, A. J., Wade, S. D., Weatherhead, K., Whitehead, P. G. and Wilby, R. L. 2015. Climate change and water in the UK - past changes and future prospects. Progress in Physical Geography 39 (1) , pp. 6-28. 10.1177/0309133314542957

Raffaelli, Dave, Bullock, James M., Cinderby, Steve, Durance, Isabelle, Emmett, Bridget, Harris, Jim, Hicks, Kevin, Oliver, Tom H., Paterson, Dave and White, Piran C.L. 2014. Big Data and ecosystem research programmes. Advances in Ecological Research 51 , pp. 41-77. 10.1016/B978-0-08-099970-8.00004-X

Morrissey, Christy Ann, Stanton, David W.G., Tyler, Charles R., Pereira, M. Glória, Newton, Jason, Durance, Isabelle and Ormerod, Steve James 2014. Developmental impairment in eurasian dipper nestlings exposed to urban stream pollutants. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 33 (6) , pp. 1315-1323. 10.1002/etc.2555

Merrix-Jones, Faye L., Thackeray, S. J., Durance, Isabelle and Ormerod, Stephen James 2013. Spatial structure in the zooplankton of a newly formed and heavily disturbed urban lake. Fundamental and Applied Limnology / Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 183 (1) , pp. 1-14. 10.1127/1863-9135/2013/0459

Morrissey, Christy, Stanton, David W. G., Pereira, M. Gloria, Newton, Jason, Durance, Isabelle, Tyler, Charles R. and Ormerod, Stephen James 2013. Eurasian dipper eggs indicate elevated organohalogenated contaminants persist in urban rivers. Environmental Science & Technology 47 (15) , pp. 8931-8939. 10.1021/es402124z

Ormerod, Stephen James and Durance, Isabelle 2012. Understanding and managing climate change effects on river ecosystems. In: Boon, Philip and Raven, Paul eds. River Conservation and Management, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 107-121.

Gaotlhobogwe, Michael, Laugharne, Janet and Durance, Isabelle 2011. The potential of multivariate analysis in assessing students' attitude to curriculum subjects. Educational Research 53 (1) , pp. 65-83. 10.1080/00131881.2011.552241

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