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Amour, Augustin, Knight, C. Graham, English, William R., Webster, Ailsa, Slocombe, Patrick M., Knauper, Vera, Docherty, Andrew J. P., Becherer, J. David, Blobel, Carl P. and Murphy, Gillian 2002. The enzymatic activity of ADAM8 and ADAM9 is not regulated by TIMPs. FEBS Letters 524 (1-3) , pp. 154-158. 10.1016/S0014-5793(02)03047-8


Bailey, Louise, Wienke, Dirk, Howard, Matthew, Knauper, Vera, Isacke, Clare M. and Murphy, Gillian 2002. Investigation of the role of Endo180/urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor-associated protein as a collagenase 3 (matrix metalloproteinase 13) receptor. Biochemical Journal -London- 363 (1) , pp. 67-72.


Canthaboo, C., Xing, D., Wei, Xiao-Qing and Corbel, M. J. 2002. Investigation of role of nitric oxide in protection from Bordetella pertussis respiratory challenge. Infection and Immunity 70 (2) , pp. 679-684. 10.1128/IAI.70.2.679-684.2002

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Hill, Katja E., Davies, Charlotte Emma, Wilson, Melanie, Stephens, Philip, Lewis, Michael Alexander Oxenham, Hall, Val, Brazier, J. S. and Thomas, David William 2002. Heterogeneity within the gram-positive anaerobic cocci demonstrated by analysis of 16S-23S intergenic ribosomal RNA polymorphisms. Journal of Medical Microbiology 51 (11) , pp. 949-957.


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Khan, Imtiaz A., Moretto, Magali, Wei, Xiao-Qing, Williams, Martha, Schwartzman, Joseph D. and Liew, Foo Y. 2002. Treatment with soluble interleukin-15 Ralpha exacerbates intracellular parasitic infection by blocking the development of memory CD8+T cell response. Journal of Experimental Medicine 195 (11) , pp. 1463-1470. 10.1084/jem.20011915

Knauper, Vera, Bailey, Louise, Worley, Joanna R., Soloway, Paul, Patterson, Margaret L. and Murphy, Gillian 2002. Cellular activation of proMMP-13 by MT1-MMP depends on the C-terminal domain of MMP-13. FEBS Letters 532 (1-2) , pp. 127-130. 10.1016/S0014-5793(02)03654-2


Lafleur, Marc A., Handsley, Madeleine M., Knauper, Vera, Murphy, Gillian and Edwards, Dylan R. 2002. Endothelial tubulogenesis within fibrin gels specifically requires the activity of membrane-type-matrix metalloproteinases (MT-MMPs). Journal of Cell Science 115 (17) , pp. 3427-3438.

Lee, Meng-Huee, Maskos, Klaus, Knauper, Vera, Dodds, Philippa and Murphy, Gillian 2002. Mapping and characterization of the functional epitopes of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMP)-3 using TIMP-1 as the scaffold: a new frontier in TIMP engineering. Protein Science 11 (10) , pp. 2493-2503. 10.1110/ps.0216202

Lee, Meng-Huee, Verma, Vandana, Maskos, Klaus, Becherer, J. David, Knauper, Vera, Dodds, Philippa, Amour, Augustin and Murphy, Gillian 2002. The C-terminal domains of TACE weaken the inhibitory action of N-TIMP-3. FEBS Letters 520 (1-3) , pp. 102-106. 10.1016/S0014-5793(02)02776-X

Lee, Meng-Huee, Verma, Vandana, Maskos, Klaus, Nath, Deepa, Knauper, Vera, Dodds, Philippa, Amour, Augustin and Murphy, Gillian 2002. Engineering N-terminal domain of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase (TIMP)-3 to be a better inhibitor against tumour necrosis factor-a-converting enzyme. Biochemical Journal -London- 364 , pp. 227-234.


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Moore, Simon Christopher and Oaksford, Michael 2002. Emotional cognition: an introduction. In: Moore, Simon Christopher and Oaksford, Michael eds. Emotional Cognition: From Brain to Behaviour, Advances in Consciousness Research, vol. 44. Amsterdam: J. Benjamins, pp. 1-8.

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Moseley, Ryan, Leaver, M., Waddington, Rachel J., Walker, M., Parsons, D., Chen, W.Y.J. and Embery, Graham 2002. Comparison of the antioxidant properties of HYAFF-11p75, AQUACEL and hyaluronan towards reactive oxygen species in vitro. Biomaterials 23 (10) , pp. 2255-2264. 10.1016/S0142-9612(01)00360-X

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Nguyen, K. B., Salomon, R., Salazar-Mather, T. P., Dalod, M. Y., VanDeusen, J. B., Wei, Xiao-Qing, Liew, Foo Y., Caligiuri, M. A., Durbin, J. E. and Biron, C. A. 2002. Multiple signaling mechanisms for IFN-alpha/beta regulation of natural killer and memory CD8 T cell responses during viral infections. Faseb Journal 16 (4) , A287-A287.

Nguyen, Khuong B., Salazar-Mather, Thais P., Dalod, Marc Y, Van Deusen, Jeffrey B., Wei, Xiao-Qing, Liew, Foo Yew, Caligiuri, Michael A., Durbin, Joan E. and Biron, Christine A. 2002. Coordinated and distinct roles for IFN-alpha beta, IL-12, and IL-15 regulation of NK cell responses to viral infection. The Journal of Immunology 169 (8) , pp. 4279-4287.

Niedbala, Wanda, Wei, Xiao-Qing, Campbell, Carol, Thomson, Duncan, Komai-Koma, Mousa and Liew, Foo Y. 2002. Nitric oxide preferentially induces type 1 T cell differentiation by selectively up-regulating IL-12 receptor beta 2 expression via cGMP. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (25) , pp. 16186-16191. 10.1073/pnas.252464599

Niedbala, Wanda, Wei, Xiao-Qing and Liew, Foo, Y. 2002. IL-15 induces type 1 and type 2 CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells proliferation but is unable to drive cytokine production in the absence of TCR activation or IL-12/IL-4 simulation in vitro. European Journal of Immunology 32 (2) , pp. 341-347.


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Rodriguez-Manzaneque, Juan Carlos, Westling, Jennifer, Thai, Shelley N. M., Luque, Alfonso, Knauper, Vera, Murphy, Gillian, Sandy, John D. and Iruela-Arispe, M. Luisa 2002. ADAMTS1 cleaves aggrecan at multiple sites and is differentially inhibited by metalloproteinase inhibitors. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 293 (1) , pp. 501-508. 10.1016/S0006-291X(02)00254-1


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Sugars, Rachael V., Waddington, Rachel J. and Embery, Graham 2002. The interaction of recombinant decorin with α2HS-Glycoprotein-Implications for structural and functional investigations. Protein Expression and Purification 25 (1) , pp. 180-188. 10.1006/prep.2002.1625

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