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Allen, Claire S., Pike, Jennifer, Pudsey, Carol J. and Leventer, Amy 2005. Submillenial variations in ocean conditions during deglaciation based on diatom assemblages from the southwest Atlantic. Paleoceanography 20 (2) , PA2012. 10.1029/2004PA001055

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Alves, Tiago, Cunha, T., Bouriak, S., Volkonskaya, A., Monteiro, J. H., Ivanov, R. and Party, and the TTR-12 Scientific 2005. Surveying the flanks of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Presented at: MOMAR III Workshop - Long-term monitoring of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Lisbon, Portugal, 7-9 April 2005.

Alves, Tiago, Cunha, T., Buriak, S., Volkonskaya, A., Monteiro, J. H., Ivanov, M. and Party, TTR-12 Scientific 2005. Surveying the flanks of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Examples of Geosphere-Biosphere coupling in deep-sea areas of the North Atlantic. Presented at: Geosphere-Biosphere coupling processes: the TTR interdisciplinary approach towards studies of the European and North African margins, Marrakech, Morocco, 2 - 5 February 2005.

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Hunt, J, Feely, M., Yates, M. and Leake, B. E. 2005. Hornblende barometry and P-T-t studies of the late Caledonian emplacement events (from ~410 to 380 Ma) in the Galway Granite Batholith, Connemara, Ireland. Presented at: 2005 GAC-MAC-CSPG-CSSS Annual Meeting, Halifax, Canada, 14-15 May 2005. Geological Association of Canada,


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Jones, Kevin. 2005. Laser ablation ICP-MS analysis of olivine-hosted melt inclusions from the Mull plateau group lavas, Mull, Scotland. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.

Jones, Timothy Peter, Berube, Kelly Ann and Moreno, Teresa 2005. The characterisation of particles collected next to a waste transfer station [Abstract]. Experimental Lung Research 31 (6) , p. 644. 10.1080/019021490952512

Jones, Timothy Peter and Moreno, Teresa 2005. Characterisation of aerial particulate matter collected next to a waste transfer station. Presented at: Mineralogical Society Winter Meeting. Environmental Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Human Health, Bath Spa University, UK, 6-7th January 2005.


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