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Smith, Robin James, Atkinson, Paul and Evans, Rhiannon 2022. Situating stigma: Accounting for deviancy, difference, and categorial relations. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 10.1111/jep.13749

Weightman, Alison L., Kelson, Mark J., Thomas, Ian, Mann, Mala K., Searchfield, Lydia, Hannigan, Ben, Smith, Robin J., Willis, Simone and Cordiner, Rhiannon 2022. PROTOCOL: Exploring the effect of case management in homelessness per components: A systematic review of effectiveness and implementation, with meta-analysis and thematic synthesis. Campbell Systematic Reviews 18 (1) , e1220. 10.1002/cl2.1220

Pehkonen, S., Smith, T. A. and Smith, R. J. 2022. Maps, mobility, and perspective: remarks on map use in producing an orienteering course. Mobilities 17 (1) , pp. 152-178. 10.1080/17450101.2021.1953945
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Smith, Robin 2022. Membership Categorisation Analysis. Routledge International Handbook of Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis, Abingdon and New York: Routledge,

Smith, Robin 2022. Interaction in public places. Routledge International Handbook of Goffman Studies, Abingdon and New York: Routledge,
Item availability restricted.

Smith, Robin 2021. Space, mobility, and interaction. In: Vom Lehn, Dirk, Ruiz-Junco, Natalia and Gibson, Will eds. The Routledge International Handbook of Interactionism, Routledge International Handbooks, Abingdon and New York: Routledge,
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Smith, Robin James 2021. Categorisation practices, instructed actions, and teamwork as occasioned phenomena: structuring the ‘carry off’ in mountain rescue work. In: Cekaite, Asta, Keisanen, Tiina, Rauniomaa, Mirka and Siitonen, Pauliina eds. Human‐Assisted Mobility in Social Interaction, Gesprächsforschung Online‐Zeitschrift zur verbalen Interaktion,

Jimenez, Patricia and Smith, Robin 2021. Accomplishing the categorial landscape of the classroom: the case of group singing. Ethnographic Studies 18 , pp. 173-194. 10.5281/zenodo.5805434

Smith, Robin James 2020. Categorisation practices, place, and perception: doing incongruities and the commonplace scene as ‘assembled activity’. In: Smith, Robin James, Fitzgerald, Richard and Housley, William eds. On Sacks: Methdology, Materials, and Inspirations, Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis, Routledge, pp. 182-194.

Smith, Robin, Fitzgerald, Richard and Housley, William, eds. 2020. On sacks: methdology, materials, and inspirations. Routledge.

Stanley, Steven, Smith, Robin, Jones, Joshua and Ford, Eleanor 2020. Making something out of nothing: breaching everyday life by standing still in a public place. The Sociological Review 68 (6) , pp. 1250-1272. 10.1177/0038026120940616

Smith, Robin 2020. Seeing the trouble: a mountain rescue training scenario in its circumstantial and situated detail in three frames. Ethnographic Studies 17 , pp. 41-59. 10.5281/zenodo.4050536

Smith, Robin James, Ablitt, Jonathan, Dahl, Patrik, Hoyland, Sylvia, Jimenez, Patricia, John, Zoe, Long, Fiona, Sheehan, Lucy and Williams, Joseph 2020. Ethnography and the new normal. Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa 2020 (2) , pp. 195-205. 10.3240/97805

Ablitt, Jonathan and Smith, Robin James 2019. Working out Douglas’ aphorism: discarded objects, categorisation practices, and moral inquiries. The Sociological Review 67 (4) , pp. 866-885. 10.1177/0038026119854271

Smith, Robin 2019. Visually available order, categorisation practices, and perception-in-action: a running commentary. Visual Studies 34 (1) , pp. 28-40. 10.1080/1472586X.2019.1622445

Smith, Robin and Delamont, Sara, eds. 2019. The lost ethnographies: Methodological insights from projects that never were. Studies in Qualitative Methodology, Bingley: Emerald.

Smith, Robin 2019. Remarks from a lost engagement with the engaging ordinariness of parkour. In: Smith, Robin James and Delamont, Sara eds. The Lost Ethnographies: Methodological Insights from Projects that Never Were, Vol. 17. Studies in Qualitative Methodology, Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 31-45.

Smith, Robin James and Delamont, Sara 2019. Editorial introduction. The Lost Ethnographies: Methodological Insights from Projects that Never Were, Vol. 17. Studies in Qualitative Methodology, Translated from the original by Smith, Robin James and Delamont, Sara. Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 1-15.

Delamont, Sara, Atkinson, Paul, Coffey, Amanda and Smith, Robin 2019. Lo spirito esplorativo libero La scuola di Etnografia di Cardiff 1974 - 2017, Traduzione di Giuseppina Cersosimo, Chiuso in stampa nel mese di marzo 2019, Presso Creative 3.0 srl - Reggio Calabria. [Documentation].

Smith, Robin 2018. The lessons to be learned from a(Re)introduction to covert research: Ethics beyond informed consent [Book Review] Covert research: The art, politics and ethics of undercover fieldwork By David Calvey (SAGE, 2017)[Book Review]. Symbolic Interaction 41 (4) , pp. 571-573. 10.1002/SYMB.362

Smith, Robin James and Hall, Tom 2018. Everyday territories: homelessness, outreach work and city space. British Journal of Sociology 69 (2) , pp. 372-390. 10.1111/1468-4446.12280

Housley, William, Dicks, Bella, Henwood, Karen and Smith, Robin 2017. Qualitative methods and data in digital societies. Qualitative Research 17 (6) , pp. 607-609. 10.1177/1468794117730936

Smith, Robin James 2017. Membership categorisation, category-relevant spaces, and perception-in-action: the case of disputes between cyclists and drivers. Journal of Pragmatics 118 , pp. 120-133. 10.1016/j.pragma.2017.05.007

Smith, Robin James 2017. The practical organisation of space, interaction, and communication in and as the work of crossing a shared space intersection. Sociologica 2017 (2) 10.2383/88200

Smith, Robin 2017. Evrick Brown and Timothy Shortell (eds) (2016). Walking in Cities: Quotidian Mobility as Urban Theory, Method, and Practice. Philadelphia: Temple University Press [Book Review]. Urbanities - Journal of Urban Ethnography 7 (1) , pp. 140-143.

Housley, William and Smith, Robin James 2017. Interactionism and digital society. Qualitative Research 17 (2) , pp. 187-201. 10.1177/1468794116685142

Hall, Thomas Adrian and Smith, Robin James 2017. Seeing the need: urban outreach as sensory walking. In: Bates, Charlotte and Rhys-Taylor, Alex eds. Walking Through Social Research, Abingdon: Routledge,
Item availability restricted.

Smith, Robin James 2017. Doing it tidy: the open exploratory spirit and methodological engagement in recent Cardiff ethnographies. In: Delamont, Sara ed. An Open Exploratory Spirit? The Cardiff School of Ethnography 1974-2017, Kurumuny Edizioni, pp. 50-60.

Smith, Robin James and Hall, Tom 2016. Mobilities at work: care, repair, movement and a fourfold typology. Applied Mobilities 1 (2) , pp. 147-160. 10.1080/23800127.2016.1246897

Smith, Robin James and Hall, Tom 2016. Pedestrian circulations: Urban ethnography, the mobilities paradigm and outreach work. Mobilities 11 (4) , pp. 498-508. 10.1080/17450101.2016.1211819

Wood, Lisa A., Smith, Robin James and Hall, Thomas Adrian 2016. Work on the move: editors' introduction to the special issue. Applied Mobilities 1 (2) , pp. 139-146. 10.1080/23800127.2016.1250371

Smith, Robin 2016. Book review: Dirk Vom Lehn, Harold Garfinkel: the creation and development of ethnomethodology. Qualitative Research 16 (3) , pp. 348-349. 10.1177/1468794115571435

Smith, Robin and Atkinson, Paul 2015. Method and measurement in sociology, fifty years on. International Journal of Social Research Methodology 19 (1) , pp. 99-110. 10.1080/13645579.2015.1068010

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Maynard, Trisha, Taylor, Christopher Matthew, Waldron, Samuel, Rhys, Mirain, Smith, Robin, Power, Sally and Clement, Jennifer 2013. Evaluating the Foundation Phase: policy logic model and programme theory. [Project Report]. Government Social Research, vol. 37. Welsh Government. Available at:

Smith, Robin 2013. Book review: Sarah Pink, situating everyday life: practices and places. Qualitative Research 13 (5) , pp. 628-630.

Smith, Robin 2012. Personal troubles and public Issues on the streets of Las Vegas: Homeless in Las Vegas: Stories From the Street By Kurt Borchard Nevada: University of Nevada Press, 2011 [Book Review]. Symbolic Interaction 35 (4) , pp. 510-512. 10.1002/symb.37

Smith, Robin James 2012. How far does mobility get us? Sociology 46 (3) , pp. 555-561. 10.1177/0038038511419181

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Housley, William and Smith, Robin James 2011. Telling the CAQDAS code: Membership categorization and the accomplishment of ‘coding rules’ in research team talk. Discourse Studies 13 (4) , pp. 417-434. 10.1177/1461445611403258

Smith, Robin James, Heley, Jesse and Stafford, Ian 2011. Woolworths and Wales: a multi-dimensional analysis of the loss of a local brand. Sociological Research Online 16 (1) , 10. 10.5153/sro.2284

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Housley, William and Smith, Robin James 2009. Mundane reason and the politics of space. Presented at: Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, Manchester, UK, August 2009.

Smith, Robin 2009. Outreach as sense walking. Presented at: Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, Manchester, UK, August 2009.

Housley, William and Smith, Robin James 2009. Mundane reason, ontology and the politics of space. Presented at: Sociological Review Conference- The Politics of Imagination, Stratford, UK, May 2009.

Smith, Robin 2009. The negotiation of a pastless place. Presented at: British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Cardiff, UK, April 2009.

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