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Adams, R., Al-Bulushi, H., Al-Mosawi, A., Alabi, O., Hawke, J., Foley, P., Hicks, S., Potter, S., Berube, Kelly Ann ORCID:, Jones, Timothy Peter ORCID: and Evans, S. A. 2010. Intratracheal instillation of air pollution nanoparticles into rats is associated with system inflammation and damage to vascular endothelium. Presented at: Annual Aerosol Science Conference, University of Southampton, 8th - 9th April, 2010.

Al Ghamdi, Misfer 2010. Sedimentology, sea-level history and porosity evolution of the Holkerian (Lower Carboniferous) of Gower. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.

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Alves, Tiago ORCID:, Moita, C., Cunha, T., Ullnaess, R., Myklebust, R. and Monteiro, J. H. 2010. Structural evolution and timing of continental rifting in the Northeast Atlantic, West Iberian margin. Presented at: II Central & North Atlantic Conjugate Margins Conference, Lisbon, 2010. Published in: Reis, R. P. and Pimentel, N. eds. II Central & North Atlantic Conjugate Margins Conference. Metodo Directo, pp. 9-12.

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