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Slusarczyk, Magdalena, Serpi, Michaela, Ghazaly, Essam, Kariuki, Benson M., McGuigan, Christopher and Pepper, Chris 2021. Single diastereomers of the clinical anticancer ProTide agents NUC-1031 and NUC-3373 preferentially target cancer stem cells in vitro. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 64 (12) , pp. 8179-8193. 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.0c02194

NuCana PLC 2021. Phosphoramidate nucleoside derivatives as anticancer agents. WO2017207986A1; US20210130387A1. [Patent].

Bassetto, Marcella and Slusarczyk, Magdalena 2019. Therapeutic use of fluorinated nucleosides – progress in patents. Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst 7 (6) , p. 277. 10.4155/ppa-2018-0028

Slusarczyk, Magdalena, Ferrari, Valentina, Serpi, Michaela, Gonczy, Blanka, Balzarini, Jan and McGuigan, Christopher 2018. Symmetrical diamidates as a class of phosphate prodrugs to deliver the 5'-monophosphate form of anticancer nucleoside analogues. ChemMedChem 13 (21) , pp. 2305-2316. 10.1002/cmdc.201800504

Slusarczyk, Magdalena, Serpi, Michaela and Pertusati, Fabrizio 2018. Phosphoramidates and phosphonamidates (ProTides) with antiviral activity. Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy 26 , pp. 1-31. 10.1177/2040206618775243

Slusarczyk, Magdalena, Ferla, Salvatore, Brancale, Andrea and McGuigan, Christopher 2018. Synthesis and biological evaluation of 6-substituted-5-fluorouridine ProTides. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 26 (3) , pp. 551-565. 10.1016/j.bmc.2017.11.037

NuCana Biomed Ltd 2017. Adenosine derivatives for use in the treatment of cancer. WO2017207989A1. [Patent].

Cavaliere, Alessandra, Probst, Katrin, Westwell, Andrew and Slusarczyk, Magdalena 2017. Fluorinated nucleosides as an important class of anticancer and antiviral agents. Future Medicinal Chemistry 9 (15)

Serpi, Michaela, De Biasi, Roberto, Pertusati, Fabrizio, Slusarczyk, Magdalena and McGuigan, Christopher 2017. Synthetic approaches for the preparation of phosphoramidate prodrugs of 2’-deoxypseudoisocytidine. ChemistryOpen 6 (3) , pp. 424-436. 10.1002/open.201700019

McGuigan, Christopher, Serpi, Michaela, Slusarczyk, Magdalena, Ferrari, Valentina, Pertusati, Fabrizio, Meneghesso, Silvia, Derudas, Marco, Farleigh, Laura, Zanetta, Paola and Bugert, Joachim 2016. Anti-flavivirus activity of different tritylated pyrimidine and purine nucleoside analogues. ChemistryOpen 5 (3) , pp. 227-235. 10.1002/open.201500216

NuCana PLC 2015. Gemcitabine Prodrugs. WO 2015/198058; GB51857. [Patent].

Slusarczyk, Magdalena, Huerta Lopez, Monica, Balzarini, Jan, Mason, Malcolm, Jiang, Wen G., Blagden, Sarah, Thompson, Emely, Ghazaly, Essam and McGuigan, Christopher 2014. Application of ProTide technology to Gemcitabine: A successful approach to overcome the key cancer resistance mechanisms leads to a new agent (NUC-1031) in clinical development. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 57 (4) , pp. 1531-1542. 10.1021/jm401853a

Magdalena Slusarczyk 2014. Prodrug. IN 2014MU02050. [Patent].

McGuigan, Christopher, Bourdin, Claire, Derudas, Marco, Hamon, Nadege, Hinsinger, Karen, Kandil, Sahar, Madela, Karolina, Meneghesso, Silvia, Pertusati, Fabrizio, Serpi, Michaela, Slusarczyk, Magdalena, Chamberlain, Stanley, Kolykhalov, Alexander, Vernachio, John, Vanpouille, Christophe, Introini, Andrea, Margolis, Leonid and Balzarini, Jan 2013. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of phosphorodiamidate prodrugs of antiviral and anticancer nucleosides. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 70 , pp. 326-340. 10.1016/j.ejmech.2013.09.047

Ghazaly, Essam Ahmed, Joel, Simon, Gribben, John G., Mohammad, Tariq, Emiloju, Oluwadunni, Stavraka, Chara, Hopkins, Tom, Gabra, Hani, Wasan, Harpreet, Habib, Nagy A., Leonard, Robert C. F., McGuigan, Christopher, Slusarczyk, Magdalena and Blagden, Sarah Patricia 2013. ProGem1: Phase I first-in-human study of the novel nucleotide NUC-1031 in adult patients with advanced solid tumors [Abstract]. Journal of Clinical Oncology 31 (15) , abstr. 2576.

Nucana Biomed Ltd 2012. Phosphoramidate derivatives of 5 - fluoro - 2 ' - deoxyuridine for use in the treatment of cancer. WO 2012117246 A1 20120907. [Patent].

McGuigan, Christopher, Murziani, Paola, Slusarczyk, Magdalena, Gonczy, Blanka, Vande Voorde, Johan, Liekens, Sandra and Balzarini, Jan 2011. Phosphoramidate ProTides of the anticancer agent FUDR successfully deliver the preformed bioactive monophosphate in cells and confer advantage over the parent nucleoside. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 54 (20) , pp. 7247-7258. 10.1021/jm200815w

Voorde, J. V., Liekens, S., McGuigan, Christopher, Murziani, Paola G. S., Slusarczyk, Magdalena and Balzarini, J. 2011. The cytostatic activity of NUC-3073, a phosphoramidate prodrug of 5-fluoro-2 '-deoxyuridine, is independent of activation by thymidine kinase and insensitive to degradation by phosphorolytic enzymes. Biochemical Pharmacology 82 (5) , pp. 441-452. 10.1016/j.bcp.2011.05.024

Slusarczyk, Magdalena, De Borggraeve, Wim M., Hoornaert, Georges, Deroose, Frederik and Linders, Joannes T. M. 2008. Synthesis and biological evaluation of methylene-bridged analogs of the potent cannabinoid receptor antagonist rimonabant. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2008 (8) , pp. 1350-1357. 10.1002/ejoc.200700960

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