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Abdel-Megeed, Mohamed F., El-Hiti, Gamal A. and Zied, Tarek M. 2001. Synthesis of Some Hydrazones and Osazones Containing Bromoquinazolines As Biologically Active Compounds. Delta Journal of Science 25 (1) , pp. 32-38.

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Zeng, Yi-Bo, Xu, Hong-Ping, Liu, Hui-Tao, Wang, Ke-Tai, Chen, Xing-Guo, Hu, Zhi-De and Fan, Bo-tao 2001. Application of artificial neural networks in multifactor optimization of an on-line microwave FIA system for catalytic kinetic determination of ruthenium (III). Talanta 54 (4) , pp. 603-609. 10.1016/S0039-9140(00)00673-1

Zhao, Yuan H., Le, Joelle, Abraham, Michael H., Hersey, Anne, Eddershaw, Peter J., Luscombe, Chris N., Boutina, Darko, Beck, Gordon, Sherborne, Brad, Cooper, Ian and Platts, James Alexis ORCID: 2001. Evaluation of human intestinal absorption data and subsequent derivation of a quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) with the Abraham descriptors. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 90 (6) , pp. 749-784. 10.1002/jps.1031

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