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Freeley, Mark, Gwyther, Rebecca E. A., Jones, D. Dafydd and Palma, Matteo 2021. DNA-directed assembly of carbon nanotube-protein hybrids. Biomolecules 11 (7) , 955. 10.3390/biom11070955

Sabah Auhim, Husam, Grigorenko, Bella L, Harris, Tessa, Aksakal, Ozan, Polyakov, Igor, Berry, Colin, dos Passos Gomes, Gabriel, Alabugin, Igor, Rizkallah, Pierre, Nemukhin, Alexander and Jones, D. Dafydd 2021. Stalling chromophore synthesis of the fluorescent protein Venus reveals the molecular basis of the final oxidation step. Chemical Science 12 (22) , pp. 7735-7745. 10.1039/D0SC06693A

Worthy, Harley L., Williamson, Lainey J., Auhim, Husam Sabah, Leppla, Stephen H., Sastalla, Inka, Jones, D. Dafydd, Rizkallah, Pierre J. and Berry, Colin 2021. The crystal sructure of Bacillus cereus HblL1. Toxins 13 (4) , 253. 10.3390/toxins13040253

Pope, Jacob R., Johnson, Rachel L., Jamieson, W. David, Worthy, Harley L., Kailasam, Senthilkumar, Ahmed, Rochelle D., Taban, Ismail, Auhim, Husam Sabah, Watkins, Daniel W., Rizkallah, Pierre, Castell, Oliver and Jones, D. Dafydd 2021. Association of fluorescent protein pairs and it's significant impact on fluorescence and energy transfer. Advanced Science 8 (1) , 2003167. 10.1002/advs.202003167

Karuna, Arnica, Masia, Francesco, Chappell, Sally, Errington, Rachel, Hartley, Andrew M., Jones, D. Dafydd, Borri, Paola and Langbein, Wolfgang 2020. Quantitative imaging of B1 cyclin expression across the cell cycle using green fluorescent protein tagging and epi-fluorescence. Cytometry Part A 97 (10) , pp. 1066-1072. 10.1002/cyto.a.24038

Bowen, Benjamin J., McGarrity, Adam R., Szeto, Jenn-Yeu A., Pudney, Christopher R. and Jones, D. Dafydd 2020. Switching protein metalloporphyrin binding specificity by design from iron to fluorogenic zinc. Chemical Communications 56 (31) , pp. 4308-4311. 10.1039/D0CC00596G

Thomas, Suzanne K., Jamieson, W. David, Gwyther, Rebecca E. A., Bowen, Benjamin J., Beachey, Adam, Worthy, Harley L., MacDonald, J. Emyr, Elliott, Martin, Castell, Oliver K. and Jones, D. Dafydd 2020. Site-specific protein photochemical covalent attachment to carbon nanotube side walls and its electronic impact on single molecule function. Bioconjugate Chemistry 31 (3) , pp. 584-594. 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.9b00719

Gwyther, Rebecca E.A., Jones, D. Dafydd and Worthy, Harley L. 2019. Better together: building protein oligomers naturally and by design. Biochemical Society Transactions 47 (6) , pp. 1773-1780. 10.1042/BST20190283

Worthy, Harley L., Sabah Auhim, Husam, Jamieson, W. David, Pope, Jacob R., Wall, Aaron, Batchlor, Robert, Johnson, Rachel L., Watkins, Daniel W., Rizkallah, Pierre, Castell, Oliver K. and Jones, D. Dafydd 2019. Positive functional synergy of structurally integrated artificial protein dimers assembled by Click chemistry. Communications Chemistry 2 , 83. 10.1038/s42004-019-0185-5

Gulácsy, Christina E., Meade, Richard, Catici, Dragana A. M., Soeller, Christian, Pantos, G. Dan, Jones, D. Dafydd, Alibhai, Dominic, Jepson, Mark, Valev, Ventsislav K., Mason, Jody M., Williams, Robert J. and Pudney, Christopher R. 2019. Excitation-energy-dependent molecular beacon detects early stage neurotoxic Aβ aggregates in the presence of cortical neurons. ACS Chemical Neuroscience 10 (3) , pp. 1240-1250. 10.1021/acschemneuro.8b00322

Zaki, Athraa, Hartley, Andrew, Reddington, Samuel, Thomas, Suzanne, Watson, Peter, Hayes, Anthony, Moskalenko, Andy, Craciun, Monica, MacDonald, John, Jones, Darran Dafydd and Elliott, Martin 2018. Defined covalent assembly of protein molecules on graphene using a genetically encoded photochemical reaction handle. RSC Advances 8 , pp. 5768-5775. 10.1039/c7ra11166e

Elliott, Martin and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2018. Approaches to single molecule studies of metalloprotein electron transfer using scanning probe-based techniques. Biochemical Society Transactions 46 (1) , pp. 1-9. 10.1042/BST20170229

Halliwell, Lisa M., Jathoul, Amit P., Bate, Jack P., Worthy, Harley L., Anderson, James C., Jones, D. Dafydd and Murray, James Augustus Henry 2018. ΔFlucs: brighter photinus pyralis firefly luciferases identified by surveying consecutive single amino acid deletion mutations in a thermostable variant. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 115 (1) , pp. 50-59. 10.1002/bit.26451

Freeley, Mark, Worthy, Harley L., Ahmed, Rochelle, Bowen, Ben, Watkins, Daniel, MacDonald, J. Emyr, Zheng, Ming, Jones, D. Dafydd and Palma, Matteo 2017. Site-specific one-to-one click coupling of single proteins to individual carbon nanotubes: a single-molecule approach. Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (49) , pp. 17834-17840. 10.1021/jacs.7b07362

Marth, Gabriella, Hartley, Andrew M., Reddington, Samuel C., Sargisson, Lauren L., Parcollet, Marlène, Dunn, Katherine E., Jones, D. Dafydd and Stulz, Eugen 2017. Precision templated bottom-up multiprotein nanoassembly through defined click chemistry linkage to DNA. ACS Nano 11 (5) , pp. 5003-5010. 10.1021/acsnano.7b01711

Hartley, Andrew M., Worthy, Harley L., Reddington, Samuel C., Rizkallah, Pierre J. and Jones, D. Dafydd 2016. Molecular basis for functional switching of GFP by two disparate non-native post-translational modifications of a phenyl azide reaction handle. Chemical Science 7 (10) , pp. 6484-6491. 10.1039/C6SC00944A

Hartley, Andrew M., Zaki, Athraa J., McGarrity, Adam R., Robert-Ansart, Cecile, Moskalenko, Andriy V., Jones, Gareth F., Craciun, Monica F., Russo, Saverio, Elliott, Martin, MacDonald, J. Emyr and Jones, D. Daffydd 2015. Functional modulation and directed assembly of an enzyme through designed non-natural post-translation modification. Chemical Science 6 (7) , pp. 3712-3717. 10.1039/C4SC03900A

Arpino, James A. J., Baldwin, Amy Joy, McGarrity, Adam R., Tippmann, Eric M. and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2015. In-frame amber stop codon replacement mutagenesis for the directed evolution of proteins containing non-canonical amino acids: identification of residues open to bio-orthogonal modification. PLoS ONE 10 (5) , e0127504. 10.1371/journal.pone.0127504

Rohamare, Sonali, Gaikwad, Sushama, Jones, Dafydd, Bhavnani, Varsha, Pal, Jayanta, Sharma, Ranu and Chatterjee, Prathit 2015. Cloning, expression and in silico studies of a serine protease from a marine actinomycete (Nocardiopsis sp. NCIM 5124). Process Biochemistry 50 (3) , pp. 378-387. 10.1016/j.procbio.2014.12.025

Reddington, Samuel C., Baldwin, Amy J., Thompson, Rebecca, Brancale, Andrea, Tippmann, Eric M. and Jones, D. Dafydd 2015. Directed evolution of GFP with non-natural amino acids identifies residues for augmenting and photoswitching fluorescence. Chemical Science 6 (2) , pp. 1159-1166. 10.1039/C4SC02827A

Reddington, Samuel C., Driezis, Sarunas, Hartley, Andrew M., Watson, Peter Duncan, Rizkallah, Pierre J. and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2015. Genetically encoded phenyl azide photochemistry drives positive and negative functional modulation of a red fluorescent protein. RSC Advances 5 (95) , pp. 77734-77738. 10.1039/C5RA13552D

Jones, Darran Dafydd, Arpino, James A. J., Baldwin, Amy Joy and Edmundson, Matthew C. 2014. Transposon-based approaches for generating novel molecular diversity during directed evolution. In: Gillam, Elizabeth M. J., Copp, Janine M. and Ackerley, David eds. Directed Evolution Library Creation: Methods and Protocols, Vol. 1179. Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer, pp. 159-172. (10.1007/978-1-4939-1053-3_11)

Arpino, James Alexander Joseph, Reddington, Samuel C., Halliwell, Lisa Marie, Rizkallah, Pierre and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2014. Random single amino acid deletion sampling unveils structural tolerance and the benefits of helical registry shift on GFP folding and structure. Structure 22 (6) , pp. 889-898. 10.1016/j.str.2014.03.014

Arpino, James Alexander Joseph, Rizkallah, Pierre and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2014. Structural and dynamic changes associated with beneficial engineered single-amino-acid deletion mutations in enhanced green fluorescent protein. Acta Crystallographica Section D Biological Crystallography 70 (8) , pp. 2152-2162. 10.1107/S139900471401267X

Reddington, Samuel C., Rizkallah, Pierre, Watson, Peter Duncan, Pearson, Rachel, Tippmann, Eric Michael and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2013. Different photochemical events of a genetically encoded phenyl azide define and modulate GFP fluorescence. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 52 (23) , pp. 5974-5977. 10.1002/anie.201301490

Morris, Josephine Lydia, Reddington, Samuel C., Murphy, Damien Martin, Jones, Darran Dafydd, Platts, James Alexis and Tippmann, Eric Michael 2013. Aryl azide photochemistry in defined protein environments. Organic Letters 15 (4) , pp. 728-731. 10.1021/ol3028779

Reddington, Samuel C., Watson, Peter Duncan, Rizkallah, Pierre, Tippmann, Eric Michael and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2013. Genetically encoding phenyl azide chemistry: new uses and ideas for classical biochemistry. Biochemical Society Transactions 41 (5) , pp. 1177-1182. 10.1042/BST20130094

Della Pia, Eduardo Antonio, Macdonald, John Emyr, Elliott, Martin and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2012. Direct binding of a redox protein for single-molecule electron transfer measurements. Small 8 (15) , pp. 2341-2344. 10.1002/smll.201102416

Arpino, James, Czapinska, Honorata, Piasecka, Anna, Edwards, Wayne Robert, Barker, Paul, Gajda, Michal J., Bochler, Matthias and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2012. Structural basis for efficient chromophore communication and energy transfer in a constructed didomain protein scaffold. Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (33) , pp. 13632-13640. 10.1021/ja301987h

Della Pia, Eduardo Antonio, Elliott, Martin, Jones, Darran Dafydd and Macdonald, J. Emyr 2012. Orientation-dependent electron transport in a single redox protein [RETRACTED]. ACS Nano 6 (1) , pp. 355-361. 10.1021/nn2036818

Reddington, Samuel C., Tippmann, Eric Michael and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2012. Residue choice defines efficiency and influence of bioorthogonal protein modification via genetically encoded strain promoted Click chemistry. Chemical Communications 48 (67) , pp. 8419-8421. 10.1039/c2cc31887c

Arpino, James, Rizkallah, Pierre and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2012. Crystal structure of enhanced green fluorescent protein to 1.35 Å resolution reveals alternative conformations for Glu222. PLoS ONE 7 (10) , e47132. 10.1371/journal.pone.0047132

Gamble, Michael David, Kunze, Georg, Brancale, Andrea, Wilson, Keith S. and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2012. The role of substrate specificity and metal binding in defining the activity and structure of an intracellular subtilisin. FEBS Open Bio 2 , pp. 209-215. 10.1016/j.fob.2012.07.001

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Della Pia, Eduardo Antonio, Chi, Qijin, Jones, Darran Dafydd, Macdonald, John Emyr, Ulstrup, Jens and Elliott, Martin 2011. Single-molecule mapping of long-range electron transport for a cytochrome b562 variant. Nano Letters 11 (1) , pp. 176-182. 10.1021/nl103334q

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Edwards, Wayne Robert, Williams, Abigail J., Morris, Josephine Lydia, Baldwin, Amy Joy, Allemann, Rudolf Konrad and Jones, Darran Dafydd 2010. Regulation of β-Lactamase activity by remote binding of Heme: functional coupling of unrelated proteins through domain insertion. Biochemistry 49 (31) , pp. 6541-6549. 10.1021/bi100793y

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Meltzer, Michael, Hasenbein, Sonja, Hauske, Patrick, Kucz, Nicolette, Merdanovic, Melisa, Grau, Sandra, Beil, Alexandra, Jones, Darran Dafydd, Krojer, Tobias, Clausen, Tim, Ehrmann, Michael and Kaiser, Markus 2008. Allosteric activation of HtrA protease DegP by stress signals during bacterial protein quality control. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 47 (7) , pp. 1332-1334. 10.1002/anie.200703273

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