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Salisbury, Richard A., Curto-Garcia, Natalia, O'Sullivan, Jennifer, Chen, Frederick, Polzella, Paolo, Godfrey, Anna L., Russell, James, Knapper, Steven, Willan, John, Frewin, Rebecca, Joshi, Shivani, Arami, Siamak, Burns, Sarah, Teh, Chun Huat, Wadelin, Frances, Dhanapal, Jaymathi, Neelakantan, Pratap, Milojkovic, Dragana, Psaila, Beth, Szydlo, Richard, Francis, Sebastian, Cargo, Catherine, Jain, Manish, McGregor, Andrew, Wallis, Louise, Duncombe, Andrew, Hussein, Hayder, Dyer, Peter, Munro, Laura, Bond, Lee, McMullin, Mary Frances, Somervaille, Tim C. P., Garg, Mamta, Sekhar, Mallika, Harrison, Claire, Mead, Adam J. and Innes, Andrew J. 2021. Results of a national UK physician reported survey of COVID-19 infection in patients with a myeloproliferative neoplasm. Leukemia 35 , pp. 2424-2430. 10.1038/s41375-021-01143-2

Rastogi, Namrata, Baker, Sarah, Man, Stephen, Uger, Robert A., Wong, Mark, Coles, Steve J., Hodges, Marie, Gilkes, Amanda, Knapper, Steven, Darley, Richard and Tonks, Alex 2021. Use of an anti-CD200 blocking antibody improves immune responses to AML in vitro and in vivo. British Journal of Haematology 193 (1) , pp. 155-159. 10.1111/bjh.17125

Burnett, Alan K., Russell, Nigel H., Hills, Robert K., Knapper, Stephen, Freeman, Sylvie, Huntly, Brian, Clark, Richard E., Thomas, Ian F., Kjeldsen, Lars, McMullin, Mary Frances, Drummond, Mark, Kell, Jonathan and Spearing, Ruth 2021. Defining the optimal total number of chemotherapy courses in younger patients with acute myeloid leukemia: a comparison of three versus four courses. Journal of Clinical Oncology 39 (8) , pp. 890-901. 10.1200/JCO.20.01170

Montesinos, Pau, Roboz, Gail J., Bulabois, Claude-Eric, Subklewe, Marion, Platzbecker, Uwe, Ofran, Yishai, Papayannidis, Cristina, Wierzbowska, Agnieszka, Shin, Ho Jin, Doronin, Vadim, Deneberg, Stefan, Yeh, Su-Peng, Ozcan, Mehmet Ali, Knapper, Steven, Cortes, Jorge, Pollyea, Daniel A., Ossenkoppele, Gert, Giralt, Sergio, Döhner, Hartmut, Heuser, Michael, Xiu, Liang, Singh, Indrajeet, Huang, Fei, Larsen, Julie S. and Wei, Andrew H. 2021. Safety and efficacy of talacotuzumab plus decitabine or decitabine alone in patients with acute myeloid leukemia not eligible for chemotherapy: results from a multicenter, randomized, phase 2/3 study. Leukemia 35 (1) , 62–74. 10.1038/s41375-020-0773-5

Peterlin, Pierre, Chevallier, Patrice, Knapper, Steven and Collin, Matthew 2021. FLT3 ligand in acute myeloid leukemia: a simple test with deep implications. Leukemia & Lymphoma 62 (2) , pp. 264-270. 10.1080/10428194.2020.1834091
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Zabkiewicz, Joanna, Lazenby, Michelle, Edwards, Gareth, Bygrave, Ceri A., Omidvar, Nader, Zhuang, Lihui, Knapper, Steve, Guy, Carol, Hills, Robert K., Burnett, Alan K. and Alvares, Caroline L. 2020. Combination of a mitogen‐activated protein kinase inhibitor with the tyrosine kinase inhibitor pacritinib combats cell adhesion‐based residual disease and prevents re‐expansion of FLT3 ‐ITD acute myeloid leukaemia. British Journal of Haematology 191 (2) , pp. 231-242. 10.1111/bjh.16665

Alanazi, Bader, Munje, Chinmay R., Rastogi, Namrata, Williamson, Andrew J. K., Taylor, Samuel, Hole, Paul S., Hodges, Marie, Doyle, Michelle, Baker, Sarah, Gilkes, Amanda F., Knapper, Steven, Pierce, Andrew, Whetton, Anthony D., Darley, Richard L. and Tonks, Alex 2020. Integrated nuclear proteomics and transcriptomics identifies S100A4 as a therapeutic target in acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia 34 (2) , pp. 427-440. 10.1038/s41375-019-0596-4

Milne, Paul, Wilhelm-Benartzi, Charlotte, Grunwald, Michael R., Bigley, Venetia, Dillon, Richard, Freeman, Sylvie D., Gallagher, Kathleen, Publicover, Amy, Pagan, Sarah, Marr, Helen, Jones, Gail L., Dickinson, Anne M., Grech, Angela, Burnett, Alan K., Russell, Nigel H., Levis, Mark, Knapper, Steven and Collin, Matthew 2019. Serum Flt3 ligand is a biomarker of progenitor cell mass and prognosis in acute myeloid leukemia. Blood Advances 3 (20) , pp. 3052-3061. 10.1182/bloodadvances.2019000197

Legge, Sophie E., Pardinas, Antonio F., Helthuis, Marinka, Jansen, John A., Jollie, Karel, Knapper, Steven, MacCabe, James H., Rujescu, Dan, Collier, David A., O'Donovan, Michael C., Owen, Michael J. and Walters, James T. R. 2019. A genome-wide association study in individuals of African ancestry reveals the importance of the Duffy-null genotype in the assessment of clozapine-related neutropenia. Molecular Psychiatry 24 , pp. 328-337. 10.1038/s41380-018-0335-7

McMullin, M. F., Harrison, C. N., Ali, S., Cargo, C., Chen, F., Ewing, J, Garg, M., Godfrey, A., Knapper, Steven, McLorcan, D., Nangalia, J., Sekhar, M., Wadelin, F. and Mead, A. J. 2019. A guideline for the diagnosis and management of polycythaemia vera. British Journal of Haematology 184 (2) , pp. 176-191. 10.1111/bjh.15648

Burnett, Alan K, Das Gupta, Emma, Knapper, Steve, Khwaja, Asim, Sweeney, Marion, Kjeldsen, Lars, Hawkins, Timothy, Betteridge, Sophie E., Cahalin, Paul, Clark, Richard E., Hills, Robert K. and Russell, Nigel H. 2018. Addition of the mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitor, Everolimus, to consolidation therapy in acute myeloid leukaemia: experience from the UK NCRI AML17 trial. Haematologica 103 (10) , pp. 1654-1661. 10.3324/haematol.2018.189514

Harrison, Claire N., Mead, Adam J., Panchal, Anesh, Fox, Sonia, Yap, Christina, Gbandi, Emmanouela, Houlton, Aimee, Alimam, Samah, Ewing, Joanne, Wood, Marion, Chen, Frederick, Coppell, Jason, Panoskaltsis, Nicki, Knapper, Steven, Ali, Sahra, Hamblin, Angela, Scherber, Robyn, Dueck, Amylou C., Cross, Nicholas C. P., Mesa, Ruben and McMullin, Mary Frances 2017. Ruxolitinib vs best available therapy for ET intolerant or resistant to hydroxycarbamide. Blood 130 (17) , pp. 1889-1897. 10.1182/blood-2017-05-785790

Williams, Jenna, Heppel, Nicole, Britt-Compton, Bethan, Grimstead, Julia, Robinson, Rhiannon, Tauro, Sudhir, Bowen, David, Knapper, Steven, Groves, Michael, Hills, Robert, Pepper, Christopher J., Baird, Duncan M. and Fegan, Christopher D. 2017. Telomere length is an independent prognostic marker in MDS but not in de novo AML. British Journal of Haematology 178 (2) , pp. 240-249.

Khan, N., Hills, R. K., Virgo, P., Couzens, S., Clark, N., Gilkes, A., Richardson, P., Knapper, S., Grimwade, D., Russell, N. H., Burnett, A. K. and Freeman, S. D. 2017. Expression of CD33 is a predictive factor for effect of gemtuzumab ozogamicin at different doses in adult acute myeloid leukaemia. Leukemia 31 , pp. 1059-1068. 10.1038/leu.2016.309

Knapper, Steven, Russell, Nigel, Gilkes, Amanda, Hills, Robert K., Gale, Rosemary E., Cavenagh, James D., Jones, Gail, Kjeldsen, Lars, Grunwald, Michael R., Thomas, Ian, Konig, Heiko, Levis, Mark J. and Burnett, Alan K. 2017. A randomized assessment of adding the kinase inhibitor lestaurtinib to first-line chemotherapy for FLT3-mutated AML. Blood 129 (9) , pp. 1143-1154. 10.1182/blood-2016-07-730648

Butt, Nauman M., Lambert, Jonathan, Ali, Sahra, Beer, Philip A., Cross, Nicholas C. P., Duncombe, Andrew, Ewing, Joanne, Harrison, Claire N., Knapper, Steven, McLornan, Donal, Mead, Adam J., Radia, Deepti and Bain, Barbara J. 2017. Guideline for the investigation and management of eosinophilia. British Journal of Haematology 176 (4) , pp. 553-572. 10.1111/bjh.14488

Khan, Naeem, Hills, Robert, Knapper, Steven, Steadman, Lora, Qureshi, Ushna, Rector, Jerrold L., Bradbury, Charlotte, Russell, Nigel H., Vyas, Paresh, Burnett, Alan K., Grimwade, David, Hole, Paul and Freeman, Sylvie D. 2016. Normal hematopoietic progenitor subsets have distinct reactive oxygen species, BCl2 and cell-cycle profiles that are decoupled from maturation in acute myeloid leukemia. PLOS ONE 11 (9) , e0163291. 10.1371/journal.pone.0163291

Beauverd, Yan, Radia, Deepti, Cargo, Catherine, Knapper, Steve, Drummond, Mark, Pillai, Arvind, Harrison, Claire and Robinson, Susan 2016. Pegylated interferon alpha-2a for essential thrombocythemia during pregnancy: outcome and safety. A case series. Haematologica 101 (5) , e182-e184. 10.3324/haematol.2015.139691

Zabkiewicz, Joanna, Gilmour, Marie, Hills, Robert, Vyas, Pares, Bone, Elizabeth, Davidson, Alan, Burnett, Alan and Knapper, Steven 2016. The targeted histone deacetylase inhibitor tefinostat (CHR-2845) shows selective in vitro efficacy in monocytoid-lineage leukaemias. Oncotarget 7 (13) , pp. 16650-16662. 10.18632/oncotarget.7692

Burnett, Alan K., Russell, Nigel H., Hills, Robert K., Bowen, David, Kell, Jonathan, Knapper, Steve, Morgan, Yvonne G., Lok, Jennie, Grech, Angela, Jones, Gail, Khwaja, Asim, Friis, Lone, McMullin, Mary Frances, Hunter, Ann, Clark, Richard E. and Grimwade, David 2015. Arsenic trioxide and all-trans retinoic acid treatment for acute promyelocytic leukaemia in all risk groups (AML17): results of a randomised, controlled, phase 3 trial. Lancet Oncology 16 (13) , pp. 1295-1305. 10.1016/S1470-2045(15)00193-X

Coles, S. J., Gilmour, M. N., Reid, R., Knapper, S., Burnett, A. K., Man, S., Tonks, A. and Darley, R. L. 2015. The immunosuppressive ligands PD-L1 and CD200 are linked in AML T-cell immunosuppression: identification of a new immunotherapeutic synapse. Leukemia 29 , pp. 1952-1954. 10.1038/leu.2015.62

Knapper, Steven 2015. The FLAM regimen: revisiting time sequential induction therapy for patients with poor-risk acute myeloid leukemia. Haematologica 100 (9) , pp. 1105-1107. 10.3324/haematol.2015.134023

Mead, Adam J., Milojkovic, Dragana, Knapper, Steven, Garg, Mamta, Chacko, Joseph, Farquharson, Mira, Yin, John, Ali, Sahra, Clark, Richard E., Andrews, Chris, Dawson, Meryem Ktiouet and Harrison, Claire 2015. Response to ruxolitinib in patients with intermediate-1-, intermediate-2-, and high-risk myelofibrosis: results of the UK ROBUST Trial. British Journal of Haematology 170 (1) , pp. 29-39. 10.1111/bjh.13379

Reilly, John T., McMullin, Mary Frances, Beer, Philip A., Butt, Nauman, Conneally, Eibhlin, Duncombe, Andrew S., Green, Anthony R., Mikhaeel, George, Gilleece, Marie H., Knapper, Steven, Mead, Adam J., Mesa, Ruben A., Sekhar, Mallika and Harrison, Claire N. 2014. Use of JAK inhibitors in the management of myelofibrosis: a revision of the British Committee for Standards in Haematology Guidelines for Investigation and Management of Myelofibrosis 2012. British Journal of Haematology 167 (3) , pp. 418-420. 10.1111/bjh.12985

Andersen, Christen Lykkegaard, Bjørn, Mads Emil, McMullin, Mary Frances, Harrison, Claire, Samuelsson, Jan, Ejerblad, Elisabeth, Zweegman, Sonja, Fernandes, Savio, Bareford, David, Knapper, Steven, Löfvenberg, Eva, Linder, Olle, Andreasson, Bjørn, Ahlstrand, Erik, Jensen, Morten Krogh, Bjerrum, Ole Weis, Vestergaard, Hanne, Larsen, Herdis, Klausen, Tobias Wirenfeldt, Mourits-Andersen, Torben, Skov, Vibe, Thomassen, Mads, Kruse, Torben, Grønbæk, Kirsten and Hasselbalch, Hans Carl 2014. Circulating YKL-40 in patients with essential thrombocythemia and polycythemia vera treated with the novel histone deacetylase inhibitor vorinostat. Leukemia Research 38 (7) , pp. 816-821. 10.1016/j.leukres.2014.04.002

Knapper, Steven, Chevassut, Timothy, Duarte, Rafael, Bergua, Juan Miguel, Salamero, Olga, Johansen, Malin, Jacobsen, Tove Flem, Hals, Petter-Arnt, Rasch, Wenche, Gianella-Borradori, Athos and Smith, Matthew 2014. Elacytarabine in relapsed/refractory acute myeloid leukaemia: an evaluation of clinical efficacy, pharmacokinetics, cardiac safety and effects on lipid profile. Leukemia Research 38 (3) , pp. 346-351. 10.1016/j.leukres.2013.12.011

Burnett, Alan Kenneth, Russell, N. H., Hunter, A. E., Milligan, D., Knapper, Steven, Wheatley, K., Yin, J., McMullin, M. F., Ali, S., Bowen, D. and Hills, Robert Kerrin 2013. Clofarabine doubles the response rate in older patients with acute myeloid leukemia but does not improve survival. Blood 122 (8) , pp. 1384-1394. 10.1182/blood-2013-04-496596

Moore, A. S., Kearns, P. R., Knapper, Steven, Pearson, A. D. J. and Zwaan, C. M. 2013. Novel therapies for children with acute myeloid leukaemia. Leukemia 27 (7) , pp. 1451-1460. 10.1038/leu.2013.106

Andersen, Christen L., McMullin, Mary F., Ejerblad, Elisabeth, Zweegman, Sonja, Harrison, Claire, Fernandes, Savio, Bareford, David, Knapper, Steven, Samuelsson, Jan, Löfvenberg, Eva, Linder, Olle, Andreasson, Bjørn, Ahlstrand, Erik, Jensen, Morten K., Bjerrum, Ole W., Vestergaard, Hanne, Larsen, Herdis, Klausen, Tobias W., Mourits-Andersen, Torben and Hasselbalch, Hans C. 2013. A phase II study of vorinostat (MK-0683) in patients with polycythaemia vera and essential thrombocythaemia. British Journal of Haematology 162 (4) , pp. 498-508. 10.1111/bjh.12416

Craddock, C., Quek, L., Goardon, N., Freeman, S., Siddique, S., Raghavan, M., Aztberger, A., Schuh, A., Grimwade, D., Ivey, A., Virgo, P., Hills, Robert Kerrin, McSkeane, T., Arrazi, J., Knapper, Steven, Brookes, C., Davies, B., Price, A., Wall, K., Griffiths, M., Cavenagh, J., Majeti, R., Weissman, I., Burnett, Alan Kenneth and Vyas, P. 2013. Azacitidine fails to eradicate leukemic stem/progenitor cell populations in patients with acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplasia. Leukemia 27 (5) , pp. 1028-1036. 10.1038/leu.2012.312

Walsby, Elisabeth Jane, Lazenby, Michelle, Pepper, Christopher John, Knapper, Steven and Burnett, Alan Kenneth 2013. The HSP90 inhibitor NVP-AUY922-AG inhibits the PI3K and IKK signalling pathways and synergizes with cytarabine in acute myeloid leukaemia cells. British Journal of Haematology 161 (1) , pp. 57-67. 10.1111/bjh.12215

Reilly, John T., McMullin, Mary Frances, Beer, Philip A., Butt, Nauman, Conneally, Eibhlean, Duncombe, Andrew, Green, Anthony R., Michaeel, N. George, Gilleece, Marie H., Hall, Georgina W., Knapper, Steven, Mead, Adam, Mesa, Ruben A., Sekhar, Mallika, Wilkins, Bridget and Harrison, Claire N. 2012. Guideline for the diagnosis and management of myelofibrosis. British Journal of Haematology 158 (4) , pp. 453-471. 10.1111/j.1365-2141.2012.09179.x

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Knapper, Steven, White, Paul Charles, Levis, Mark J., Hills, Robert Kerrin, Russell, Nigel H. and Burnett, Alan Kenneth 2011. The efficacy of the FLT3 inhibitor Lestaurtinib in AML depends on adequate plasma inhibitory activity (PIA), and is unaffected by rising FLT ligand levels: an update of the NCRI AML15 & 17 trials. Blood -New York- 118 (21) , p. 194.

Szegezdi, Eva, Reis, Carlos R., Sloot, Almer M. van der, Natoni, Alessandro, O'Reilly, Aoife, Reeve, Janice, Cool, Robbert H., O'Dwyer, Michael, Knapper, Steven, Serrano, Luis, Quax, Wim J. and Samali, Afshin 2011. Targeting AML through DR4 with a novel variant of rhTRAIL. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 15 (10) , pp. 2216-2231. 10.1111/j.1582-4934.2010.01211.x

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Moore, Catherine, Galiano, Monica, Lackenby, Angie, Abdelrahman, Tamer, Barnes, Rosemary Ann, Evans, Meirion Rhys, Fegan, Christopher, Froude, Susannah, Hastings, Mark, Knapper, Steven, Litt, Emma, Price, Nicola, Salmon, Roland, Temple, Mark and Davies, Eleri 2011. Evidence of person-to-person transmission of oseltamivir-resistant pandemic influenza A(H1N1) 2009 virus in a hematology unit. International Journal of Infectious Diseases 203 (1) , pp. 18-24. 10.1093/infdis/jiq007

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Knapper, Steven, Mills, Kenneth I., Gilkes, Amanda F., Austin, Steve J., Walsh, Valerie and Burnett, Alan K. 2006. The effects of lestaurtinib (CEP701) and PKC412 on primary AML blasts: the induction of cytotoxicity varies with dependence on FLT3 signaling in both FLT3-mutated and wild-type cases. Blood 108 (10) , pp. 3494-3503. 10.1182/blood-2006-04-015487

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