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Conference or Workshop Item

Cairns, SA, Williams, DW, Thomas, J, Hooper, S, Wise, Matthew, Frost, Paul, Malic, S, Lewis, M, Harding, KG and Leaper, DJ 2008. Characterisation of biofilms within medical devices. Presented at: European Tissue Repair Society, Malta, 10-12 September 2008.

Cairns, SA, Williams, DW, Thomas, J, Hooper, S, Wise, Matthew, Frost, Paul, Malic, S, Lewis, M, Harding, KG and Leaper, DJ 2008. Microbial diversity in biofilms, wounds and medical device. Presented at: Third Congress of Wound Healing Societies, Toronto, Canada, 4 - 8 June 2008.

Malic, S, Thomas, J, Williams, DW, Hooper, SJ, Rowe, WG, Wise, Matthew, Frost, Paul, Cairns, S and Lewis, M 2008. Linking plaque and endotrach biofilm/matrix by structure and composition. Presented at: 86th General Session & Exhibition of the International Association of Dental Research, Toronto, Canada, 2 -5 July 2008.

Olley, Ryan 2008. The role of sonic hedgehog signalling in tooth root development. Presented at: American Dental Association Annual Meeting 2008, San Antonio, TX, United States, 16-19 Octover 2008.

Thomas, J, Williams, D.W., Hooper, SJ, Malic, S, Wise, Matthew, Frost, Paul, Cairns, S and Lewis, M 2008. PCR DGGE to unmask streptococcus mutans in endotrach biofilms. Presented at: 86th General Session & Exhibition of the International Association of Dental Research, Toronto, Canada, 2 -5 July 2008.

Williams, DW, Thomas, J, Hooper, SJ, Wise, Matthew, Frost, Paul, Malic, S, Cairns, S and Lewis, M 2008. Profiling microbial diversity in endotracheal tube biofilms. Presented at: 86th General Session & Exhibition of the International Association of Dental Research, Toronto, Canada, 2 -5 July 2008.


Sivarajasingam, Vaseekaran, Moore, Simon Christopher and Shepherd, Jonathan Paul 2008. Violence in England and Wales 2007: an accident and emergency perspective. Cardiff: Cardiff University. Available at:


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Koutoulaki, Anna 2008. Regulation of interleukin-18 signalling in dendritic cells. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.

Malic, Sladjana. 2008. In vitro development and characterisation of two clinically important biofilms. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.

McAndrew, Robert 2008. Replacement of plastic restorations in clinical dental practice and the effect that a simple training programme can have on the decision making process. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.

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