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Lohana, Parkash, Suryaprawira, Albert, Woods, Emma L., Dally, Jordanna, Gait-Carr, Edward, Alaidaroos, Nadia Y.A., Heard, Charles M. ORCID:, Lee, Kwok Y., Ruge, Fiona, Farrier, Jeremy N., Enoch, Stuart, Caley, Matthew P., Peake, Matthew A., Davies, Lindsay C. ORCID:, Giles, Peter J. ORCID:, Thomas, David W. ORCID:, Stephens, Phil ORCID: and Moseley, Ryan ORCID: 2023. Role of enzymic antioxidants in mediating oxidative stress and contrasting wound healing capabilities in oral mucosal/skin fibroblasts and tissues. Antioxidants 12 (7) , 1374.

Shephard, Alex P., Giles, Peter ORCID:, Mbengue, Mariama, Alraies, Amr, Spary, Lisa K., Kynaston, Howard ORCID:, Gurney, Mark J. ORCID:, Falcón-Pérez, Juan M., Royo, Félix, Tabi, Zsuzsanna, Parthimos, Dimitris, Errington, Rachel J., Clayton, Aled and Webber, Jason P. 2021. Stroma-derived extracellular vesicle mRNA signatures inform histological nature of prostate cancer. Journal of Extracellular Vesicles 10 (12) , e12150. 10.1002/jev2.12150

Ordonez, Liliana D., Melchor, Lorenzo, Greenow, Kirsty R., Kendrick, Howard, Tornillo, Giusy, Bradford, James, Giles, Peter ORCID: and Smalley, Matthew J. ORCID: 2021. Reproductive history determines ErbB2 locus amplification, WNT signalling and tumour phenotype in a murine breast cancer model. Disease Models and Mechanisms 14 (5) , dmm048736. 10.1242/dmm.048736

Lewis, Thomas, Corcoran, David B., Thurston, David E., Giles, Peter J. ORCID:, Ashelford, Kevin ORCID:, Walsby, Elisabeth J. ORCID:, Fegan, Christopher D. ORCID:, Pepper, Andrea G.S., Rahman, Khondaker Miraz and Pepper, Chris 2021. Novel pyrrolobenzodiazepine benzofused hybrid molecules inhibit NF-κB activity and synergise with bortezomib and ibrutinib in hematological cancers. Haematologica 106 (4) , pp. 958-967. 10.3324/haematol.2019.238584

Lawson, Hannah, Sepulveda, Catarina, van de Latemaat, Louie N., Durko, Jozef, Barile, Melania, Tavosanis, Andrea, Georges, Elise, Shmakova, Alena, Timms, Penny, Carter, Roderick N., Allen, Lewis, Campos, Joana, Vukovic, Milica, Guitart, Amelie V., Giles, Peter ORCID:, O'Shea, Marie, Vernimmen, Douglas, Morton, Nicholas M., Rodrigues, Neil P. ORCID:, Gottgens, Berthold, Schofield, Christopher J., Lengeling, Andreas, O'Carroll, Donal and Kranc, Kamil R. 2021. JMJD6 promotes self-renewal and regenerative capacity of hematopoietic stem cells. Blood Advances 5 (3) , pp. 889-899. 10.1182/bloodadvances.2020002702

Almotiri, Alhomidi, Alzahrani, Hamed Ahmad A., Menendez-Gonzalez, Juan Bautista, Abdelfattah, Ali, Alotaibi, Badi, Saleh, Lubaid, Greene, Adelle, Georgiou, Mia R. F., Gibbs, Alex, Alsayari, Amani Salem, Taha, Sarab, Thomas, Leigh-Anne, Shah, Dhruv, Edkins, Sarah ORCID:, Giles, Peter J. ORCID:, Stemmler, Marc P., Brabletz, Simone, Brabletz, Thomas, Boyd, Ashleigh S., Siebzehnrubl, Florian ORCID: and Rodrigues, Neil P. ORCID: 2021. Zeb1 modulates hematopoietic stem cell fates required for suppressing acute myeloid leukemia. Journal of Clinical Investigation 131 (1) , e129115. 10.1172/JCI129115

Holzhauser, Stefan, Pirotte, Evelyne, Jones, Joanne, Owens, David, Al-Hussaini, Ali, Giles, Peter ORCID:, Evans, Mererid, Man, Stephen and Powell, Ned 2020. Sensitivity of human papillomavirus-positive and -negative oropharyngeal cancer cell lines to ionizing irradiation. Oncology Reports 10.3892/or.2020.7709

Short, Emma, Thomas, Laura E. ORCID:, Davies, Alice, Bolton, Alice, Maynard, Julie, Giles, Peter ORCID:, Mort, Matthew, Consoli, Claudia, Egner, Iris, Jundi, Hala and Sampson, Julian R. ORCID: 2020. APC transcription studies and molecular diagnosis of familial adenomatous polyposis. European Journal of Human Genetics 28 (1) , pp. 118-121. 10.1038/s41431-019-0486-2

Menendez Gonzalez, Juan Bautista, Vukovic, Milica, Abdelfattah, Ali, Saleh, Lubaid, Almotiri, Alhomidi, Thomas, Leigh-anne, Agirre-Lizaso, Alona, Azevedo, Aleksandra, Menezes, Ana Catarina, Tornillo, Giusy, Edkins, Sarah ORCID:, Kong, Kay, Giles, Peter ORCID:, Anjos-Afonso, Fernando, Tonks, Alex ORCID:, Boyd, Ashleigh S., Kranc, Kamil R. and Rodrigues, Neil P. ORCID: 2019. Gata2 as a crucial regulator of stem cells in adult hematopoiesis and acute myeloid leukemia. Stem Cell Reports 13 (2) , pp. 291-306. 10.1016/j.stemcr.2019.07.005

Pirotte, Evelyne F., Holzhauser, Stefan, Owens, David, Quine, Stuart, Al-Hussaini, Ali, Christian, Adam D., Giles, Peter J. ORCID:, Man, Stephen T. ORCID:, Evans, Mererid and Powell, Ned G. 2018. Sensitivity to inhibition of DNA repair by Olaparib in novel oropharyngeal cancer cell lines infected with Human Papillomavirus. PLoS ONE 13 (12) , -. 10.1371/journal.pone.0207934

Johnson, Charlotte E. ORCID:, Dunlop, Elaine A. ORCID:, Seifan, Sara, McCann, Henry D., Hay, Trevor, Parfitt, Geraint J. ORCID:, Jones, Ashley T., Giles, Peter J. ORCID:, Shen, Ming H. ORCID:, Sampson, Julian R. ORCID:, Errington, Rachel J. ORCID:, Davies, D. Mark and Tee, Andrew R. ORCID: 2018. Loss of tuberous sclerosis complex 2 sensitizes tumors to nelfinavir−bortezomib therapy to intensify endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced cell death. Oncogene 37 , pp. 5913-5925. 10.1038/s41388-018-0381-2

Caley, Matthew, Wall, Ivan, Peake, Matthew, Kipling, David, Giles, Peter ORCID:, Thomas, David and Stephens, Phil ORCID: 2018. Development and characterisation of a human chronic skin wound cell line - towards an alternative for animal experimentation. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 19 (4) , 1001. 10.3390/ijms19041001

Liao, Chia-Te, Rosas, Marcela ORCID:, Davies, Luke C., Giles, Peter J. ORCID:, Tyrrell, Victoria J., O'Donnell, Valerie B. ORCID:, Topley, Nicholas, Humphreys, Ian R. ORCID:, Fraser, Donald J. ORCID:, Jones, Simon A. ORCID: and Taylor, Philip R. ORCID: 2016. IL-10 differentially controls the infiltration of inflammatory macrophages and antigen-presenting cells during inflammation. European Journal of Immunology 46 (9) , pp. 2222-2232. 10.1002/eji.201646528

Bayram-Weston, Zubeyde, Stone, Timothy C. ORCID:, Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Elliston, Linda Anne, Janghra, Narinder, Higgs, Gemma, Holmans, Peter Alan ORCID:, Dunnett, Stephen Bruce ORCID:, Brooks, Simon Philip ORCID: and Jones, Lesley ORCID: 2015. Similar striatal gene expression profiles in the striatum of the YAC128 and HdhQ150 mouse models of Huntington's disease are not reflected in mutant Huntingtin inclusion prevalence. BMC Genomics 16 , -. 10.1186/s12864-015-2251-4

Giles, J. L. ORCID:, Choy, E. ORCID:, van den Berg, C., Morgan, B. P. ORCID: and Harris, C. L. 2014. Functional analysis of a complement polymorphism (rs17611) associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Immunology 143 (s2) , pp. 181-182. 10.1111/imm.12407

Bryant, Dean, Onions, Tiffany, Raybould, Rachel, Flynn, Áine, Tristram, Amanda, Meyrick, Sian, Giles, Peter ORCID:, Ashelford, Kevin ORCID:, Hibbitts, Samantha, Fiander, Alison and Powell, Ned 2014. mRNA sequencing of novel cell lines from human papillomavirus type-16 related vulval intraepithelial neoplasia: Consequences of expression of HPV16 E4 and E5. Journal of Medical Virology 86 (9) , pp. 1534-1541. 10.1002/jmv.23994

Peake, Matthew A., Caley, Mathew, Giles, Peter J. ORCID:, Wall, Ivan B., Enoch, Stuart, Davies, Lindsay Catrina ORCID:, Kipling, David Glyn, Thomas, David William ORCID: and Stephens, Philip ORCID: 2014. Identification of a transcriptional signature for the wound healing continuum. Wound Repair and Regeneration 22 (3) , pp. 399-405. 10.1111/wrr.12170

Rosas, Marcela ORCID:, Davies, Luke C., Giles, Peter J. ORCID:, Liao, Chia-Te, Kharfan, Bashar, Stone, Timothy C. ORCID:, O'Donnell, Valerie B. ORCID:, Fraser, Donald J. ORCID:, Jones, Simon A. ORCID: and Taylor, Philip R. ORCID: 2014. The transcription factor Gata6 links tissue macrophage phenotype and proliferative renewal. Science 344 (6184) , pp. 645-648. 10.1126/science.1251414

Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Elliston, Linda Anne, Higgs, Gemma, Brooks, Simon Philip ORCID:, Dunnett, Stephen Bruce ORCID: and Jones, Lesley ORCID: 2012. Longitudinal analysis of gene expression and behaviour in the HdhQ150 mouse model of Huntington's disease. Brain Research Bulletin 88 (2-3) , pp. 199-209. 10.1016/j.brainresbull.2011.10.001

Bennett, Mark Richard, Evans, Katie Ellen, Teng, Yumin, Leadbitter, Matthew, Yu, Shirong, Waters, Raymond, Giles, Peter James ORCID: and Reed, Simon Huw ORCID: 2012. Bioinformatic analyses of genome wide nucleotide excision repair datasets in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [Abstract]. Mutagenesis 27 (1) , p. 121. 10.1093/mutage/ger068

Feyeux, M., Bourgois-Rocha, F., Redfern, Amanda Jane, Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Lefort, N., Aubert, S., Bonnefond, C., Buiga, A., Ruiz, M., Deglon, N., Jones, Lesley ORCID:, Peschanski, M., Allen, Nicholas Denby ORCID: and Perrier, A. L. 2012. Early transcriptional changes linked to naturally occurring Huntington's disease mutations in neural derivatives of human embryonic stem cells. Human Molecular Genetics 21 (17) , pp. 3883-3895. 10.1093/hmg/dds216

Enoch, Stuart, Peake, Matthew Arnold, Wall, Ivan Bernard, Davies, Lindsay Catrina ORCID:, Farrier, Jerry N., Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Kipling, David Glyn, Price, Patricia Elaine, Moseley, Ryan ORCID:, Thomas, David William ORCID: and Stephens, Philip ORCID: 2010. 'Young' oral fibroblasts are geno/phenotypically distinct. Journal of Dental Research 89 (12) , pp. 1407-1413. 10.1177/0022034510377796

Welton, Joanne L., Khanna, Sanjay, Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Brennan, Paul ORCID:, Brewis, Ian Andrew, Staffurth, John Nicholas ORCID:, Mason, Malcolm David ORCID: and Clayton, Aled ORCID: 2010. Proteomics analysis of bladder cancer exosomes. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 9 (6) , pp. 1324-1338. 10.1074/mcp.M000063-MCP201

Enoch, Stuart, Wall, Ivan Bernard, Peake, Matthew Arnold, Davies, Lindsay Catrina ORCID:, Farrier, Jerry N., Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Baird, Duncan Martin ORCID:, Kipling, David Glyn, Price, Patricia Elaine, Moseley, Ryan ORCID:, Thomas, David William ORCID: and Stephens, Philip ORCID: 2009. Increased oral fibroblast lifespan is telomerase-independent. Journal of Dental Research 88 (10) , pp. 916-921. 10.1177/0022034509342979

Zhang, Lei ORCID:, Bowen, Timothy ORCID:, Grennan-Jones, Fiona Antoinette, Paddon, Carol Ann, Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Webber, Jason P. ORCID:, Steadman, Robert ORCID: and Ludgate, Marian Elizabeth 2009. Thyrotropin receptor activation increases hyaluronan production in preadipocyte fibroblasts: Contributory role in hyaluronan accumulation in thyroid dysfunction. Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (39) , pp. 26447-26455. 10.1074/jbc.M109.003616

Brennan, Paul ORCID:, Shore, Angharad M., Clement, Mathew ORCID:, Hewamana, Saman, Jones, Catrin M., Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Fegan, Christopher Daniel ORCID:, Pepper, Christopher John and Brewis, Ian Andrew 2009. Quantitative nuclear proteomics reveals new phenotypes altered in lymphoblastoid cells. Proteomics - Clinical Applications 3 (3) , pp. 359-369. 10.1002/prca.200800137

Rees, Dafydd Aled ORCID:, Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Lewis, Mark David and Ham, Jack 2009. Adenosine regulates thrombomodulin and endothelial protein C receptor expression in folliculostellate cells of the pituitary gland. Purinergic Signalling 6 (1) , pp. 19-29. 10.1007/s11302-009-9172-0

Kipling, David Glyn, Jones, Dawn L., Smith, Susan Kaye, Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Jennert-Burston, Katrin, Ibrahim, Badr, Sheerin, Angela N.P., Evans, Amy J. C., Rhys-Willams, William and Faragher, Richard G.A. 2009. A transcriptomic analysis of the EK1.Br strain of human fibroblastoid keratocytes: the effects of growth, quiescence and senescence. Experimental Eye Research 88 (2) , pp. 277-285. 10.1016/j.exer.2008.11.030

Burton, Dominick G. A., Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Sheerin, Angela N.P., Smith, Susan Kaye, Lawton, Jessica J., Ostler, Elizabeth L., Rhys-Williams, William, Kipling, David Glyn and Faragher, Richard G. A. 2009. Microarray analysis of senescent vascular smooth muscle cells: a link to atherosclerosis and vascular calcification. Experimental Gerontology 44 (10) , pp. 659-665. 10.1016/j.exger.2009.07.004

Wall, Ivan Bernard, Moseley, Ryan ORCID:, Baird, Duncan Martin ORCID:, Kipling, David Glyn, Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Laffafian, Iraj, Price, Patricia Elaine, Thomas, David William ORCID: and Stephens, Philip ORCID: 2008. Fibroblast dysfunction is a key factor in the non-healing of chronic venous leg ulcers. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 128 (10) , pp. 2526-2540. 10.1038/jid.2008.114

Peake, Matthew Arnold, Giles, Peter James ORCID:, Wall, Ivan Bernard, Enoch, Stuart, Kipling, David Glyn, Thomas, David William ORCID: and Stephens, Philip ORCID: 2008. Identifying a Gene signature for the wound healing continuum [Abstract]. Wound Repair and Regeneration 16 (6) , A71. 10.1111/j.1524-475X.2008.00424.x

Giles, Peter James ORCID: 2005. Microarray-based expression profiling: improving data mining and the links to biological knowledge pools. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.

Myers, Amanda, Wavrant De-Vrieze, Fabienne, Holmans, Peter Alan ORCID:, Hamshere, Marian Lindsay ORCID:, Crook, Richard, Compton, Danielle, Marshall, Helen, Meyer, David, Shears, Shantia, Booth, Jeremy, Ramic, Dzanan, Knowles, Heather, Morris, John C., Williams, Nigel Melville ORCID:, Norton, Nadine, Abraham, Richard, Kehoe, Pat, Williams, Hywel, Rudrasingham, Varuni, Rice, Frances ORCID:, Giles, Peter ORCID:, Tunstall, Nigel, Jones, Lesley ORCID:, Lovestone, Simon, Williams, Julie ORCID:, Owen, Michael John ORCID:, Hardy, John and Goate, Alison 2002. Full genome screen for Alzheimer disease: Stage II analysis. American Journal Of Medical Genetics Part A 114 (2) , pp. 235-244. 10.1002/ajmg.10183

Hamshere, Marian Linsday ORCID:, Giles, Peter ORCID:, Krawczak, M. and Owen, Michael John ORCID: 2001. Statistical analysis of genotypic association data with HAPMAXII. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 69 (4) , p. 390.

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