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Jardé, Thierry, Chan, Wing Hei, Rossello, Fernando J., Kaur Kahlon, Tanvir, Theocharous, Mandy, Kurian Arackal, Teni, Flores, Tracey, Giraud, Mégane, Richards, Elizabeth, Chan, Eva, Kerr, Genevieve, Engel, Rebekah M., Prasko, Mirsada, Donoghue, Jacqueline F., Abe, Shin-ichi, Phesse, Toby J., Nefzger, Christian M., McMurrick, Paul J., Powell, David R., Daly, Roger J., Polo, Jose M. and Abud, Helen E. 2020. Mesenchymal niche-derived neuregulin-1 drives intestinal stem cell proliferation and regeneration of damaged epithelium. Cell Stem Cell 27 (4) , 646-662.E7. 10.1016/j.stem.2020.06.021

Tran, Bang Manh, Flanagan, Dustin James, Ebert, Gregor, Warner, Nadia, Tran, Hoanh, Fifis, Theodora, Kastrappis, Georgios, Christophi, Christopher, Pellegrini, Marc, Torresi, Joseph, Phesse, Toby James and Vincan, Elizabeth 2020. The hepatitis B virus pre-core protein p22 activates Wnt sgnaling. Cancers 12 (6) , 1435. 10.3390/cancers12061435

Koushyar, Sarah, Powell, Arfon G., Vincan, Elizabeth and Phesse, Toby J. 2020. Targeting Wnt signaling for the treatment of gastric cancer. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (11) , 3927. 10.3390/ijms21113927

Flanagan, Dustin J, Vincan, Elizabeth and Phesse, Toby J. 2019. Wnt signaling in cancer: not a binary ON:OFF switch. Cancer Research 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-19-1362

Parry, Lee and Phesse, Toby J 2019. FXR regulates intestinal stem cells response to bile acids in a high fat diet. Biotarget 3 (12) 10.21037/biotarget.2019.07.01

Flanagan, Dustin, Barker, Nick, Ernst, Matthias, Vincan, Elizabeth and Phesse, Toby 2019. The function of Lgr5+ cells in the gastric antrum does not require Fzd7 or Myc in vivo. Biomedicines 7 (3) , 50. 10.3390/biomedicines7030050

Flanagan, Dustin J., Barker, Nick, Di Costanzo, Natasha S., Mason, Elizabeth A., Gurney, Austin, Meniel, Valerie S., Koushyar, Sarah, Austin, Chloe R., Ernst, Matthias, Pearson, Helen B., Boussioutas, Alex, Clevers, Hans, Phesse, Toby J. and Vincan, Elizabeth 2019. Frizzled-7 is required for Wnt signaling in gastric tumours with and without Apc mutations. Cancer Research 79 (5) , pp. 970-981. 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-18-2095

Eissman, Moritz F, Dijkstra, Christine, Jarnicki, Andrew, Phesse, Toby, Brunnberg, Jamina, Poh, Ashleigh R, Etemadi, Nima, Tsantikos, Evelyn, Thiem, Stefan, Huntington, Nicholas H, Hibbs, Margaret L, Boussioutas, Alex, Grimbaldeston, Michele A, Buchert, Michael, O'Donoghue, Robert J J, Masson, Frederick and Ernst, Matthias 2019. IL-33 mediated mast cell activation promotes gastric cancer through macrophage mobilization. Nature Communications 10 , 2735. 10.1038/s41467-019-10676-1

Greenow, Kristy R., Zverev, Matthew, May, Stephanie, Kendrick, Howard, Williams, Geraint T., Phesse, Toby and Parry, Lee 2018. Lect2 deficiency is characterised by altered cytokine levels and promotion of intestinal tumourigenesis. Oncotarget 9 (92) , pp. 36430-36443. 10.18632/oncotarget.26335

May, Stephanie, Owen, Heather, Phesse, Toby J., Greenow, Kristy R., Jones, Gareth-Rhys, Blackwood, Adam, Cook, Peter C., Towers, Christopher, Gallimore, Awen M., Williams, Geraint T., Sturzl, Michael, Britzen-Laurent, Nathalie, Sansom, Owen J., MacDonald, Andrew S., Bird, Adrian P., Clarke, Alan R. and Parry, Lee 2018. Mbd2 enables tumourigenesis within the intestine while preventing tumour-promoting inflammation. Journal of Pathology 245 (3) , pp. 270-282. 10.1002/path.5074

Pearson, Helen B., Li, Jason, Meniel, Valerie S., Fennell, Christina M., Waring, Paul, Montgomery, Karen G., Rebello, Richard J., Macpherson, Arthi A., Koushyar, Sarah, Furic, Luc, Cullinane, Carleen, Clarkson, Richard W., Smalley, Matthew J., Simpson, Kaylene J., Phesse, Toby J., Shepherd, Peter R., Humbert, Patrick O., Sansom, Owen J. and Phillips, Wayne A. 2018. Identification of Pik3ca mutation as a genetic driver of prostate cancer that cooperates with Pten loss to accelerate progression and castration-resistant growth. Cancer Discovery 8 (6) , pp. 764-779. 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-17-0867

Flanagan, Dustin, Austin, Chloe, Vincan, Elizabeth and Phesse, Toby 2018. Wnt Signalling in gastrointestinal epithelial stem cells. Genes 9 (4) , 178. 10.3390/genes9040178

Vincan, Elizabeth, Schwab, Renate H.M., Flanagan, Dustin J., Moselen, Jean M., Tran, Bang M., Barker, Nick and Phesse, Toby 2018. The central role of Wnt signaling and organoid technology in personalizing anticancer therapy. Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science 153 , pp. 299-319. 10.1016/bs.pmbts.2017.11.009

Phesse, Toby, Marsh Durban, Victoria and Sansom, Owen J. 2017. Defining key concepts of intestinal and epithelial cancer biology through the use of mouse models. Carcinogenesis 38 (10) , pp. 953-965. 10.1093/carcin/bgx080

Flanagan, Dustin J., Barker, Nick, Nowell, Cameron, Clevers, Hans, Ernst, Matthias, Phesse, Toby J. and Vincan, Elizabeth 2017. Loss of the Wnt receptor frizzled 7 in the mouse gastric epithelium is deleterious and triggers rapid repopulation in vivo. Disease Models and Mechanisms 10 (8) , pp. 971-980. 10.1242/dmm.029876

Phesse, Toby J. and Sansom, Owen J. 2017. Lgr5 joins the club of gastric stem cell markers in the corpus. Nature Cell Biology 19 (7) , pp. 752-754. 10.1038/ncb3567

Flanagan, Dustin J, Vincan, Elizabeth and Phesse, Toby J. 2017. Winding back Wnt signalling: potential therapeutic targets for treating gastric cancers. British Journal of Pharmacology 174 (24) , pp. 4666-4683. 10.1111/bph.13890
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Schwab, Renate H.M., Amin, Nancy, Flanagan, Dustin J., Johanson, Timothy M., Phesse, Toby and Vincan, Elizabeth 2017. Wnt is necessary for mesenchymal to epithelial transition in colorectal cancer cells. Developmental Dynamics 247 (3) , pp. 521-530. 10.1002/dvdy.24527

Flanagan, Dustin J., Schwab, Renate H. M., Tran, Bang M., Phesse, Toby J. and Vincan, Elizabeth 2016. Isolation and culture of adult intestinal, gastric, and lver organoids for cre-recombinase-mediated gene deletion. Methods in Molecular Biology, Humana Press, pp. 1-11. (10.1007/7651_2016_14)

Togel, L., Nightingale, R.-, Chueh, A.. C., Jayachandran, A., Tran, Huynh, Phesse, Toby, Wu, R., Sieber, O. M., Arango, D., Dhillon, A. S., Dawson, M. A., Diez-Dacal, B., Gahman, T. C., Filippakopoulos, P., Shiau, A. K. and Mariadason, J. M. 2016. Dual targeting of Bromodomain and Extraterminal Domain Proteins, and WNT or MAPK Signaling, Inhibits c-MYC Expression and Proliferation of Colorectal Cancer Cells. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 15 (6) , pp. 1217-1226. 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-15-0724

Phesse, Toby, Flanagan, Dustin and Vincan, Elizabeth 2016. Frizzled7: a promising achilles' heel for targeting the Wnt receptor complex to treat cancer. Cancers 8 (5) , p. 50. 10.3390/cancers8050050

Pearson, Helen B., McGlinn, Edwina, Phesse, Toby J., Schlüter, Holger, Srikumar, Anuratha, Gödde, Nathan J., Woelwer, Christina B., Ryan, Andrew, Phillips, Wayne A., Ernst, Matthias, Kaur, Pritinder and Humbert, Patrick 2015. The polarity protein Scrib mediates epidermal development and exerts a tumor suppressive function during skin carcinogenesis. Molecular Cancer 14 , 169. 10.1186/s12943-015-0440-z

Flanagan, Dustin J., Phesse, Toby J., Barker, Nick, Schwab, Renate H. M., Amin, Nancy, Malaterre, Jordane, Stange, Daniel E., Nowell, Cameron J., Currie, Scott A., Saw, Jarel T. S., Beuchert, Eva, Ramsay, Robert G., Sansom, Owen J., Ernst, Matthias, Clevers, Hans and Vincan, Elizabeth 2015. Frizzled7 functions as a Wnt receptor in intestinal epithelial Lgr5+ stem cells. Stem Cell Reports 4 (5) , pp. 759-767. 10.1016/j.stemcr.2015.03.003

Elsum, I. A., Yates, L. L., Pearson, H. B., Phesse, T. J., Long, F., O'Donoghue, R., Ernst, M., Cullinane, C. and Humbert, P. O. 2014. Scrib heterozygosity predisposes to lung cancer and cooperates with KRas hyperactivation to accelerate lung cancer progression in vivo. Oncogene 33 (48) , pp. 5523-5533. 10.1038/onc.2013.498

Phesse, Toby J., Buchert, Michael, Stuart, Emma, Flanagan, Dustin J., Faux, Maree, Afshar-Sterle, Shoukat, Walker, Francesca, Zhang, Hui-Hua, Nowell, Cameron J., Jorissen, Robert, Tan, Chin Wee, Hirokawa, Yumiko, Eissmann, Moritz F., Poh, Ashleigh R., Malaterre, Jordane, Pearson, Helen B., Kirsch, David G., Provero, Paolo, Poli, Valeria, Ramsay, Robert G., Sieber, Oliver, Burgess, Antony W., Huszar, Dennis, Vincan, Elizabeth and Ernst, Matthias 2014. Partial inhibition of gp130-Jak-Stat3 signaling prevents Wnt–β-catenin–mediated intestinal tumor growth and regeneration. Science Signaling 7 (345) , ra92. 10.1126/scisignal.2005411

Infantino, S., Jones, S. A., Walker, J. A., Maxwell, M. J., Light, A., O'Donnell, K., Tsantikos, E., Peperzak, V., Phesse, Toby, Ernst, M., Mackay, F., Hibbs, M. L., Fairfax, K. A. and Tarlinton, D. M. 2014. The tyrosine kinase Lyn limits the cytokine responsiveness of plasma cells to restrict their accumulation in mice. Science Signaling 7 (338) , ra77. 10.1126/scisignal.2005105

Phesse, T. J., Myant, K. B., Cole, A. M., Ridgway, R. A., Pearson, H., Muncan, V., van den Brink, G. R., Vousden, K. H., Sears, R., Vassilev, L . T ., Clarke, A. R. and Sansom, O. J. 2014. Endogenous c-Myc is essential for p53-induced apoptosis in response to DNA damage in vivo. Cell Death and Differentiation 21 (6) , pp. 956-966. 10.1038/cdd.2014.15

Rickard, James A., O'Donnell, Joanne A., Evans, Joseph M., Lalaoui, Najoua, Poh, Ashleigh R., Rogers, TeWhiti, Vince, James E., Lawlor, Kate E., Ninnis, Robert L., Anderton, Holly, Hall, Cathrine, Spall, Sukhdeep K., Phesse, Toby, Abud, Helen E., Cengia, Louise H., Corbin, Jason, Mifsud, Sandra, Di Rago, Ladina, Metcalf, Donald, Ernst, Matthias, Dewson, Grant, Roberts, Andrew W., Alexander, Warren S., Murphy, James M., Ekert, Paul G., Masters, Seth L., Vaux, David L., Croker, Ben A., Gerlic, Motti and Silke, John 2014. RIPK1 regulates RIPK3-MLKL-driven systemic inflammation and emergency hematopoiesis. Cell 157 (5) , pp. 1175-1188. 10.1016/j.cell.2014.04.019

Hare, Lauren M., Phesse, Toby, Waring, Paul M., Montgomery, Karen G., Kinross, Kathryn M., Mills, Kevin, Roh, Vincent, Heath, Joan K., Ramsay, Robert G., Ernst, Matthias and Phillips, Wayne A. 2014. Physiological expression of the PI3K-activating mutationPik3caH1047Rcombines withApcloss to promote development of invasive intestinal adenocarcinomas in mice. Biochemical Journal 458 (2) , pp. 251-258. 10.1042/BJ20131412

Stuart, E., Buchert, M., Putoczki, T., Thiem, S., Farid, R., Elzer, J., Huszar, D., Waring, P. M., Phesse, Toby and Ernst, M. 2014. Therapeutic inhibition of jak activity inhibits progression of gastrointestinal tumors in mice. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 13 (2) , p. 468. 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-13-0583-T

Phesse, Toby and Sansom, Owen J. 2013. Responding to R-spondin: slit2 potentiates intestinal regeneration. Cell Stem Cell 13 , pp. 512-514. 10.1016/j.stem.2013.10.006

Meniel, Valerie, Song, Fei, Phesse, Toby, Young, Madeleine, Poetz, Oliver, Parry, Lee, Jenkins, John R., Williams, Geraint Trefor, Dunwoodie, Sally L., Watson, Alastair and Clarke, Alan Richard 2013. Cited1 deficiency suppresses intestinal tumorigenesis. PLoS Genetics 9 (8) , e1003638. 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003638

Sakthianandeswaren, A., Christie, M., D'Andreti, C., Tsui, C., Jorissen, R. N., Li, S., Fleming, N. I., Gibbs, P., Lipton, L., Malaterre, J., Ramsay, R. G., Phesse, Toby, Ernst, M., Jeffery, R. E., Poulsom, R., Leedham, S. J., Segditsas, S., Tomlinson, I. P. M., Bernhard, O. K., Simpson, R. J., Walker, F., Faux, M. C., Church, N., Catimel, B., Flanagan, D. J., Vincan, E. and Sieber, O. M. 2011. PHLDA1 expression marks the putative epithelial stem cells and contributes to intestinal tumorigenesis. Cancer Research 71 (10) , pp. 3709-3719. 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-10-2342

Ashton, Gabrielle H., Morton, Jennifer P., Myant, Kevin, Phesse, Toby, Ridgway, Rachel A., Marsh Durban, Victoria, Wilkins, Julie A., Athineos, Dimitris, Muncan, Vanesa, Kemp, Richard, Neufeld, Kristi, Clevers, Hans, Brunton, Valerie, Winton, Douglas J., Wang, Xiaoyan, Sears, Rosalie C., Clarke, Alan Richard, Frame, Margaret C. and Sansom, Owen J. 2010. Focal adhesion kinase is required for intestinal regeneration and tumorigenesis downstream of Wnt/c-Myc signaling. Developmental Cell 19 (2) , pp. 259-269. 10.1016/j.devcel.2010.07.015

Burke, Zoé D., Reed, Karen Ruth, Phesse, Toby, Sansom, Owen J., Clarke, Alan Richard and Tosh, David 2009. Liver zonation occurs through a β-catenin–dependent, c-Myc–independent mechanism. Gastroenterology 136 (7) , pp. 2316-2324. 10.1053/j.gastro.2009.02.063

Pearson, Helen B., Phesse, Toby and Clarke, Alan Richard 2009. K-ras and Wnt signaling synergize to accelerate prostate tumorigenesis in the mouse. Cancer Research 69 (1) , pp. 94-101. 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-08-2895

Phesse, Toby and Clarke, Alan Richard 2009. Normal stem cells in cancer prone epithelial tissues. British Journal of Cancer 100 (2) , pp. 221-227. 10.1038/sj.bjc.6604850

Bollrath, Julia, Phesse, Toby, von Burstin, Vivian A., Putoczki, Tracy, Bennecke, Moritz, Bateman, Trudie, Nebelsiek, Tim, Lundgren-May, Therese, Canli, Özge, Schwitalla, Sarah, Matthews, Vance, Schmid, Roland M., Kirchner, Thomas, Arkan, Melek C., Ernst, Matthias and Greten, Florian R. 2009. gp130-mediated Stat3 activation in enterocytes regulates cell survival and cell-cycle progression during colitis-associated tumorigenesis. Cancer Cell 15 (2) , pp. 91-102. 10.1016/j.ccr.2009.01.002

Phesse, Toby, Parry, Lee, Reed, Karen Ruth, Ewan, Kenneth Burnside Ramsay, Dale, Trevor Clive, Sansom, Owen J. and Clarke, Alan Richard 2008. Deficiency of Mbd2 attenuates Wnt induced tumourigenesis via deregulation of a novel Wnt inhibitor, Lect.2. Molecular and Cellular Biology 28 (19) , pp. 6094-6103. 10.1128/MCB.00539-08

Sansom, Owen J., Meniel, Valerie, Muncan, Vanesa, Phesse, Toby, Wilkins, Julie Ann, Reed, Karen Ruth, Vass, Keith, Athineos, Dimitris, Clevers, Hans and Clarke, Alan Richard 2007. Myc deletion rescues Apc deficiency in the small intestine. Nature 446 (7136) , pp. 676-679. 10.1038/nature05674

Muncan, Vanesa, Sansom, Owen J., Tertoolen, Leon, Phesse, Toby, Begthel, Harry, Sancho, Elena, Cole, Alicia M., Gregorieff, Alex, de Alboran, Ignacio Moreno, Clevers, Hans and Clarke, Alan Richard 2006. Rapid loss of intestinal crypts upon conditional deletion of the Wnt/Tcf-4 target gene c-Myc. Molecular and Cellular Biology 26 (22) , pp. 8418-8426. 10.1128/MCB.00821-06

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