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Fielding, Ceri Alan, Sabberwal, Pragati, Williamson, James C., Greenwood, Edward J.D., Crozier, Thomas WM, Zelek, Wioleta, Seow, Jeffrey, Graham, Carl, Huettner, Isabella, Edgeworth, Jonathan D., Price, David A., Morgan, Paul B., Ladell, Kristin, Eberl, Matthias, Humphreys, Ian R., Merrick, Blair, Doores, Katie, Wilson, Sam J., Lehner, Paul J., Wang, Eddie C.Y. and Stanton, Richard J. 2022. SARS-CoV-2 host-shutoff impacts innate NK cell functions, but antibody-dependent NK activity is strongly activated through non-spike antibodies. eLife 11 10.7554/eLife.74489

Wang, Eddie C.Y., Fielding, Ceri A. and Stanton, Richard J. 2022. Concerns over functional experiments, interpretation, and required controls. Journal of Clinical Investigation 132 (5) , e157369. 10.1172/JCI157369

Nightingale, Katie, Potts, Martin, Hunter, Leah M., Fielding, Ceri A., Zerbe, Cassie M., Fletcher-Etherington, Alice, Nobre, Luis, Wang, Eddie C. Y., Strang, Blair L., Houghton, Jack W., Antrobus, Robin, Suarez, Nicolas M., Nichols, Jenna, Davison, Andrew J., Stanton, Richard J. and Weekes, Michael P. 2022. Human cytomegalovirus protein RL1 degrades the antiviral factor SLFN11 via recruitment of the CRL4 E3 ubiquitin ligase complex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (6) , e2108173119. 10.1073/pnas.2108173119

Elasifer, Hana, Wang, Eddie C.Y., Prod'homme, Virginie, Davies, James, Forbes, Simone, Stanton, Richard J., Patel, Mihil, Fielding, Ceri A., Roberts, Dawn, Traherne, James A., Gruber, Nicole, Bugert, Joachim J., Aicheler, Rebecca J. and Wilkinson, Gavin W. G. 2020. Downregulation of HLA-I by the molluscum contagiosum virus mc080 impacts NK-cell recognition and promotes CD8+ T-cell evasion. Journal of General Virology 101 , pp. 863-872. 10.1099/jgv.0.001417

Patel, Mihil, Vlachava, Virginia-Maria, Forbes, Simone K., Fielding, Ceri A., Stanton, Richard J. and Wang, Edward 2018. HCMV-encoded NK modulators: Lessons from in vitro and in vivo genetic variation. Frontiers in Immunology 9 , 2214. 10.3389/fimmu.2018.02214

Nightingale, Katie, Lin, Kai-Min, Ravenhill, Benjamin J., Davies, Colin, Nobre, Luis, Fielding, Ceri A., Ruckova, Eva, Fletcher-Etherington, Alice, Soday, Lior, Nichols, Hester, Sugrue, Daniel, Wang, Eddie C.Y., Moreno, Pablo, Umrania, Yagnesh, Huttlin, Edward L., Antrobus, Robin, Davison, Andrew J., Wilkinson, Gavin W.G., Stanton, Richard J., Tomasec, Peter and Weekes, Michael P. 2018. High-definition analysis of host protein stability during human cytomegalovirus infection reveals antiviral factors and viral evasion mechanisms. Cell Host and Microbe 24 (3) , 447-460.e11. 10.1016/j.chom.2018.07.011

Wang, Eddie C. Y., Pjechova, Marina, Nightingale, Katie, Vlachava, Virginia-Maria, Patel, Mihil, Ruckova, Eva, Forbes, Simone K., Nobre, Luis, Antrobus, Robin, Roberts, Dawn, Fielding, Ceri A., Seirafian, Sepehr, Davies, James, Murrell, Isa, Lau, Betty, Wilkie, Gavin S., Suarez, Nicolas M., Stanton, Richard J., Vojtesek, Borivoj, Davison, Andrew, Lehner, Paul J., Weekes, Michael P., Wilkinson, Gavin W. G. and Tomasec, Peter 2018. Suppression of costimulation by human cytomegalovirus promotes evasion of cellular immune defenses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (19) , pp. 4998-5003. 10.1073/pnas.1720950115

Stacey, Maria A., Clare, Simon, Clement, Mathew, Marsden, Morgan, Abdul-Karim, Juneid, Kane, Leanne, Harcourt, Katherine, Brandt, Cordelia, Fielding, Ceri A., Smith, Sarah E., Wash, Rachael S., Gimeno Brias, Silvia, Stack, Gabrielle, Notley, George, Cambridge, Emma L., Isherwood, Christopher, Speak, Anneliese O., Johnson, Zoe, Ferlin, Walter, Jones, Simon A., Kellam, Paul and Humphreys, Ian R. 2017. The antiviral restriction factor IFN-induced transmembrane protein 3 prevents cytokine-driven CMV pathogenesis. Journal of Clinical Investigation 127 (4) , pp. 1463-1474. 10.1172/JCI84889

Fielding, Ceri A., Weekes, Michael P., Nobre, Luis V., Ruckova, Eva, Wilkie, Gavin S., Paulo, Joao A., Chang, Chiwen, Suárez, Nicolás M., Davies, James A., Antrobus, Robin, Stanton, Richard J., Aicheler, Rebecca J, Nichols, Hester, Vojtesek, Borek, Trowsdale, John, Davison, Andrew J., Gygi, Steven P., Tomasec, Peter, Lehner, Paul J. and Wilkinson, Gavin W. G. 2017. Control of immune ligands by members of a cytomegalovirus gene expansion suppresses natural killer cell activation. eLife 6 , e22206. 10.7554/eLife.22206

Murrell, Isa, Wilkie, Gavin S., Davison, Andrew J., Statkute, Evelina, Fielding, Ceri A., Tomasec, Peter, Wilkinson, Gavin W. G. and Stanton, Richard J. 2016. Genetic stability of BAC-deerived human cytomegalovirus during culture in vitro. Journal of Virology 90 (8) , pp. 3929-3943. 10.1128/JVI.02858-15

Wilkinson, Gavin William Grahame, Davison, Andrew J., Tomasec, Peter, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Aicheler, Rebecca, Murrell, Isa, Seirafian, Sepher, Wang, Edward Chung Yern, Weekes, Michael, Lehner, Paul J., Wilkie, Gavin S. and Stanton, Richard James 2015. Human cytomegalovirus: taking the strain. Medical Microbiology and Immunology 204 (3) , pp. 273-284. 10.1007/s00430-015-0411-4

Fielding, Ceri Alan 2015. Mimicry of cytokine pathways by human herpesviruses. Future Virology 10 (1) , pp. 41-51. 10.2217/fvl.14.101

Weekes, Michael P., Tomasec, Peter, Huttlin, Edward L., Fielding, Ceri A., Nusinow, David, Stanton, Richard J., Wang, Eddie C. Y., Aicheler, Rebecca, Murrell, Isa, Wilkinson, Gavin W. G., Lehner, Paul J. and Gygi, Steven P. 2014. Quantitative temporal viromics: an approach to investigate host-pathogen interaction. Cell 157 (6) , pp. 1460-1472. 10.1016/j.cell.2014.04.028

Fielding, Ceri A., Aicheler, Rebecca, Stanton, Richard J., Wang, Eddie C. Y., Han, Song, Seirafian, Sepehr, Davies, James, McSharry, Brian P., Weekes, Michael P., Antrobus, P. Robin, Prod'homme, Virginie, Blanchet, Fabien P., Sugrue, Daniel M., Cuff, Simone, Roberts, Dawn, Davison, Andrew J., Lehner, Paul J., Wilkinson, Gavin W. G. and Tomasec, Peter 2014. Two novel human cytomegalovirus NK cell evasion functions target MICA for lysosomal degradation. PLoS Pathogens 10 (5) , e1004058. 10.1371/journal.ppat.1004058

Seirafian, Sepher, Prod'homme, Virginie, Sugrue, Daniel, Davies, James, Fielding, Ceri, Tomasec, Peter and Wilkinson, Gavin W. G. 2014. Human cytomegalovirus suppresses Fas expression and function. Journal of General Virology 95 (4) , pp. 933-939. 10.1099/vir.0.058313-0

Jones, Simon Arnett, Fraser, Donald James, Fielding, Ceri Alan and Jones, Gareth Wyn 2014. Interleukin-6 in renal disease and therapy. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 30 (4) , pp. 564-574. 10.1093/ndt/gfu233

Fielding, Ceri A., Jones, Gareth W., McLoughlin, Rachel M., McLeod, Louise, Hammond, Victoria J., Uceda, Javier, Williams, Anwen S., Lambie, Mark, Foster, Thomas L., Liao, Chia-Te, Rice, Christopher M., Greenhill, Claire J., Colmont, Chantal S., Hams, Emily, Coles, Barbara, Kift-Morgan, Ann, Newton, Zarabeth, Craig, Katherine J., Williams, John D., Williams, Geraint T., Davies, Simon J., Humphreys, Ian R., O'Donnell, Valerie B., Taylor, Philip R., Jenkins, Brendan J., Topley, Nicholas and Jones, Simon A. 2014. Interleukin-6 signaling drives fibrosis in unresolved inflammation. Immunity 40 (1) , pp. 40-50. 10.1016/j.immuni.2013.10.022

Lauder, Sarah Nicol, Jones, Emma, Smart, Kathryn, Bloom, Anja Constanze, Williams, Anwen Sian, Hindley, James P., Ondondo, Beatrice, Taylor, Philip Russel, Clement, Mathew, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Godkin, Andrew James, Jones, Simon Arnett and Gallimore, Awen Myfanwy 2013. Interleukin-6 limits influenza-induced inflammation and protects against fatal lung pathology. European Journal of Immunology 43 (10) , pp. 2613-2625. 10.1002/eji.201243018

Fielding, Ceri Alan, Jones, Gareth Wyn, Taylor, Philip Russel, Jenkins, Brendan J., Topley, Nicholas and Jones, Simon Arnett 2013. IL-6 regulation of Th1 responses drives fibrosis in unresolved inflammation [Abstract]. Cytokine 63 (3) , p. 262. 10.1016/j.cyto.2013.06.082

Pembroke, Thomas, Rees, Ian W., Gallagher, Kathleen, Jones, Emma, Mizen, Paul Edward, Navruzov, Timur, Freedman, Andrew Robert, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Humphreys, Ian R., Wang, Edward Chung Yern, Gallimore, Awen Myfanwy and Godkin, Andrew James 2012. Rapid early innate control of hepatitis C virus during IFN-α treatment compromises adaptive CD4+T-cell immunity. European Journal of Immunology 42 (9) , pp. 2383-2394. 10.1002/eji.201142072

Fielding, Ceri Alan, Seirafian, Sepher, Davies, James Anthony, Cuff, Simone, Aicheler, Rebecca, Sugrue, Daniel M., Davison, A., Stanton, Richard James, Wilkinson, Gavin William Grahame and Tomasec, Peter 2012. A novel human cytomegalovirus gene function targets the natural killer cell activating ligand MICA for lysosomal degradation [Abstract]. Immunology 137 (S1) , p. 154. 10.1111/imm.12001

Fielding, Ceri Alan 2012. Interleukin-19: a new target to aim for? Rheumatology 51 (3) , pp. 399-400. 10.1093/rheumatology/ker174

Colmont, Chantal Sophie, Raby, Anne-Catherine, Dioszeghy, Vincent, Le Bouder, Emmanuel, Foster, Thomas Lloyd, Jones, Simon Arnett, Labeta, Mario Oscar, Fielding, Ceri Alan and Topley, Nicholas 2011. Human peritoneal mesothelial cells respond to bacterial ligands through a specific subset of Toll-like receptors. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 26 (12) , pp. 4079-4090. 10.1093/ndt/gfr217

Lin, Chan-Yu, Roberts, Gareth W., Davey, Martin S., Chess, James Anthony, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Williams, John David, Davies, S. J., Johnson, D. W., Moser, Bernhard, Topley, Nicholas and Eberl, Matthias 2010. The HMB-PP producing capacity of the causative pathogen and local gamma delta T cell numbers predict clinical outcome from bacterial peritonitis. Immunology 131 , pp. 81-82.

Stumhofer, Jason S., Tait, Elia D., III, William J. Quinn, Hosken, Nancy, Spudy, Björn, Goenka, Radhika, Fielding, Ceri Alan, O'Hara, Aisling C., Chen, Yi, Jones, Michael L., Saris, Christiaan J. M., Rose-John, Stefan, Cua, Daniel J., Jones, Simon Arnett, Elloso, Merle M., Grötzinger, Joachim, Cancro, Michael P., Levin, Steven D. and Hunter, Christopher A. 2010. A role for IL-27p28 as an antagonist of gp130-mediated signaling. Nature Immunology 11 (12) , pp. 1119-1126. 10.1038/ni.1957

Lauder, Sarah Nicol, Smart, Kathryn, Ondondo, B., Fielding, Ceri Alan, Godkin, Andrew James, Jones, Simon Arnett and Gallimore, Awen Myfanwy 2010. A critical role for interleukin-6 in limiting influenza-induced pathology and generating heterosubtypic immunity [Abstract]. Immunology 131 (S1) , p. 186. 10.1111/j.1365-2567.2010.03390.x

Coles, Barbara, Colmont, Chantal Sophie, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Kift-Morgan, Ann, Hams, Emily, Topley, Nicholas and Jones, Simon Arnett 2010. Local manipulation of IL-6 trans-signaling therapeutically enhances anti-microbial host defense [Abstract]. Cytokine 52 (1-2) , pp. 80-81. 10.1016/j.cyto.2010.07.335

Li, Na, McLaren, James Edward, Michael, Daryn Robert, Clement, Mathew, Fielding, Ceri Alan and Ramji, Dipak Purshottam 2010. ERK is integral to the IFN-γ-mediated activation of STAT1, the expression of key genes implicated in atherosclerosis, and the uptake of modified lipoproteins by human macrophages. The Journal of Immunology 185 (5) , pp. 3041-3048. 10.4049/jimmunol.1000993

Luo, Dong Dong, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Phillips, Aled Owain and Fraser, Donald James 2009. Interleukin-1 beta regulates proximal tubular cell transforming growth factor beta-1 signalling. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 24 (9) , pp. 2655-2665. 10.1093/ndt/gfp208

Rabe, B., Chalaris, A., Adams, N., Paliga, K., Lange, H., Laskay, T., Fielding, Ceri Alan, Waetzig, G. H., Seegert, D., Williams, Anwen Sian, Jones, Simon Arnett, Sina, C., Rose-John, Stefan and Schelle, J. 2008. The role of IL6-transsignaling in acute and chronic inflammation [Abstract]. Cytokine 43 (3) , p. 244. 10.1016/j.cyto.2008.07.073

Jenkins, Brendan J., Nadjovska, Meri, Greenhill, Claire, McLeod, Louise, Tye, Hazel, Kennedy, Catherine, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Topley, Nicholas, Jones, Simon Arnett, Ernst, Matthias and Hertzog, Paul J. 2008. Differential roles of IL-6 and IL-11 in inflammation and tumorigenesis [Abstract]. Cytokine 43 (3) , p. 243. 10.1016/j.cyto.2008.07.069

Hams, Emily, Colmont, Chantal Sophie, Dioszeghy, Vincent, Hammond, Victoria Jayne, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Williams, Anwen Sian, Tanaka, Minoru, Miyajima, Atsushi, Taylor, Philip Russel, Topley, Nicholas and Jones, Simon Arnett 2008. Oncostatin M receptor-β signaling limits monocytic cell recruitment in acute inflammation. Journal of Immunology 181 (3) , pp. 2174-2180.

Fielding, Ceri Alan, McLoughlin, Rachel Mary, McLeod, Louise, Colmont, Chantal Sophie, Najdovska, Meri, Grail, Dianne, Ernst, Matthias, Jones, Simon Arnett, Topley, Nicholas and Jenkins, Brendan J. 2008. IL-6 regulates neutrophil trafficking during acute inflammation via STAT3. Journal of Immunology 181 (3) , pp. 2189-2195.

Hams, Emily, Colmont, Chantal S., Dioszeghy, Vincent, Hammond, Victoria Jayne, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Williams, Anwen Sian, Tanaka, Minoru, Miyajima, Atsushi, Taylor, Philip Russel, Topley, Nicholas and Jones, Simon Arnett 2008. Oncostatin M receptor-beta signaling limits monocytic cell recruitment in acute inflammation. Journal of Immunology 181 (3) , pp. 2174-2180.

Fielding, Ceri Alan and Topley, Nicholas 2008. Piece by piece: solving the puzzle of peritoneal fibrosis [Commentary]. Peritoneal Dialysis International 28 (5) , pp. 477-479.

Chalaris, A., Rabe, B., Paliga, K., Lange, H., Laskay, T., Fielding, Ceri Alan, Jones, S. A., Rose-John, S. and Scheller, J. 2007. Apoptosis is a natural stimulus of IL6R shedding and contributes to the proinflammatory trans-signaling function of neutrophils. Blood -New York- 110 (6) , pp. 1748-1755. 10.1182/blood-2007-01-067918

Rabe, B., Chalaris, Athena, May, Ulrike, Paliga, Krzysztof, Lange, Hans, Laskay, Tamas, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Waetzig, Georg H., Seegert, Dirk, Williams, Anwen Sian, Jones, Simon Arnett, Rose-John, Stefan and Scheller, J. 2007. IL6/sIL6R-transsignaling controls innate and aquired immunity [Abstract]. Cytokine 39 (1) , p. 34. 10.1016/j.cyto.2007.07.129

Hams, Emily, Dioszechy, Vincent, Colmont, Chantal Sophie, Hammond, Victoria Jayne, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Williams, Anwen Sian, Tanaka, Minoru, Miyajima, Atsushi, Taylor, Philip Russel, Topley, Nicholas and Jones, Simon Arnett 2007. Oncostatin M receptor signalling regulates monocytic cell trafficking during acute inflammation [Abstract]. Cytokine 39 (1) , p. 14. 10.1016/j.cyto.2007.07.053

Coles, Barbara, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Rose-John, Stefan, Scheller, J., Jones, S. A. and O'Donnell, Valerie Bridget 2007. Classic interleukin-6 receptor signaling and interleukin-6 trans-signaling differentially control angiotensin II-dependent hypertension, cardiac signal transducer and activator of transcription-3 activation, and vascular hypertrophy in vivo. American Journal of Pathology 171 (1) , pp. 315-325. 10.2353/ajpath.2007.061078

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Monslow, Jamie, Williams, John David, Fraser, Donald James, Michael, Daryn Robert, Foka, Pelagia, Kift-Morgan, Ann Patricia, Luo, Dong Dong, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Craig, Kathrine Jane, Topley, Nicholas, Jones, Simon Arnett, Ramji, Dipak Purshottam and Bowen, Timothy 2006. Sp1 and Sp3 mediate constitutive transcription of the human hyaluronan synthase 2 gene. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (26) , pp. 18043-18050. 10.1074/jbc.M510467200

Osborne, C. S., Leitner, I., Hofbauer, B., Fielding, Ceri Alan, Favre, B. and Ryder, N. S. 2006. Biological, biochemical, and molecular characterization of a new clinical Trichophyton rubrum isolate resistant to terbinafine. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 50 (6) , pp. 2234-2236. 10.1128/AAC.01600-05

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Fielding, Ceri Alan, McLoughlin, Rachel Mary, Colmont, Chantal Sophie, Kovaleva, Marina, Harris, Dean Anthony, Rose-John, Stefan, Topley, Nicholas and Jones, Simon Arnett 2005. Viral IL-6 blocks neutrophil infiltration during acute inflammation. The Journal of Immunology 175 (6) , pp. 4024-4029.

Siebert, Stefan, Fielding, Ceri A., Williams, Bryan D. and Brennan, Paul 2005. Mutation of the extracellular domain of tumour necrosis factor receptor 1 causes reduced NF‐κB activation due to decreased surface expression. FEBS Letters 579 (23) , pp. 5193-5198. 10.1016/j.febslet.2005.08.037

McLoughlin, Rachel Mary, Jenkins, Brendan J., Grail, Dianne, Williams, Anwen Sian, Fielding, Ceri Alan, Parker, Clare R., Ernst, Matthias, Topley, Nicholas and Jones, Simon Arnett 2005. IL-6 trans-signaling via STAT3 directs T cell infiltration in acute inflammation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) ISSN 1091-6490 102 (27) , pp. 9589-9594. 10.1073/pnas.0501794102

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